FWD Launches New Plans and Makes Insurance Policy Shopping Almost Instant

  • FWD introduces new insurance plans for the active and Pinoys exposed to high risks.
  • With a new website, availing insurance is now almost instant with requirements also easier for any Pinoy to provide.
  • At a low price of less than P2000, any Pinoy can now afford to avail the protection they need in their lives no matter where they are.

FWD Insurance designed the right insurance policy for everyone so they can do just about anything they want to do in life.

Nothing should hold Pinoys back from ticking off items in their bucket list, now that FWD Insurance launched the all-new KanDuu product. Whether it’s a life-threatening dare or an extreme adventure that Filipinos want to engage in, they can now do almost anything while staying protected. And that’s not all because KanDuu has more packages to cover other aspects in life like illnesses and accidents.

More Filipinos are engaging in different extreme activities. With the millennials becoming more free-spirited, they continuously seek to satisfy their itch for adventure, but along with the
fun and excitement also come the risks of accidents and illnesses. This is what makes FWD’s KanDuu the perfect policy for them.

KanDuu boasts three insurance plans suitable for different situations. Everything for only P1799 per year but each product has unique features that will help plan holders make the most of their investment. The key is to determine which plan is perfect for them depending on what they do and the presence or intensity of risks in their life.

The new KanDuu policies include:

1. KanGuard Plan

For the outgoing Pinoys, the KanGuard plan is the right policy to avail. It offers P500,000 total payout in case they meet an accident or become permanently disabled due to a terror attack. Anywhere they maybe, FWD will protect policyholders and their interests with its KanGuard worldwide coverage. And for only P1799 per year, insured members can already enjoy these benefits plus additional exciting rewards like 1-year Assist America global emergency services.

2. KanLive Plan

For those you just started to build a family, the KanLive plan is an affordable insurance policy they wouldn’t dare to miss. A payout sum of P200,000 will be given to plan holders who lost their lives due to any cause when other insurances only grant this benefit according to their approved reason of mortality. This policy also comes with a 1-year unlimited medical consults reward and covers people up to 55 years of age. And the cost? It only takes P1799 out of your annual budget to avail of this policy!

3. KanMend Plan

Oftentimes, Pinoys feel discouraged to avail of any insurance policies because of the limitations that come with the benefits. Only a few types of illnesses are covered in insurance plans and there are too many strict requirements to use hospitalization benefits. But with FWD’s Kanmend plan, insurance coverage has been taken to a whole new level.

KanMend also has limitations in its coverage but the difference is, it has 42 critical illnesses covered with only a few exclusions! Pinoys with ages 18-50 can avail of this plan and receive P100,000 coverage for only P1799 contribution per year.

One more thing to look forward to is the 6 months KonsultaMD telemedicine access.

And to really help Filipinos enjoy a worry-free life, FWD has made shopping for insurance a lot easier, faster and more convenient. With a valid ID and P1799, anyone can become a KanDuu policyholder.

The usual weeks or month-long processing of a policy can now be completed in just a few minutes, thanks to the new FWD website. All the KanDuu products can be shopped at the [email protected] site where interested Pinoys can just fill up the digital form and upload a valid ID. Payments can be done in the comfort of their homes too via debit or credit cards. And once purchase is done, new clients will receive their welcome email to know that they are already insured.

Here are the detailed steps on how to shop the KanDuu plans:

Step 1: Visit the [email protected] website.

Step 2: Choose the Kanduu plan you want to purchase or you can purchase them all together.

Step 3: Tap on “More Details” to check on the plan agreements and complete list of benefits. There, you’ll also see the form you need to fill up. The Click “Buy Now.”

Step 4: Upload one valid ID.

Step 5: Review your application form to see to it that the details you gave are correct. This is important when you are claiming your benefits as insurance companies are strict when it comes
to verification.

Step 6: No need to go to FWD Offices to submit your payments. Now, you can conveniently pay online via debit or credit card.

Step 7: Expect a welcome email and SMS.

And in just 5-10 minutes, every Pinoy can already start living their lives to the fullest and without worrying about tomorrow.
Go to bit.ly/MetroManilaLovesShopFWD to purchase your KanDuu insurance now!

Want to know more about FWD Life Philippines, part of the pan-Asian insurer FWD Group? Visit: https://www.fwd.com.ph/en/

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