Fundacion Sansó improves security protocol with new Certificates of Authenticities (COA)

  • Fundacion Sansó has started issuance of Certificates of Authenticities (COA) in the prevention of art frauds
  • Several incidents in the past years induced that there is a need to address this harm in the art community
  • Fundacion Sansó Certificates of Authenticity uses a pair of numbered hologram stickers to prove the authenticity of an artwork

Fundacion Sanso, an art museum that opened to the public since 2015, has started the issuance Certificates of Authenticities (COA) to continuously strengthen its Authentication Services.

This endeavor is to ensure an improved security protocol to protect collectors and patrons from art fraud. The public is advised to have their works duly authenticated by Fundacion Sansó in order to eradicate fakes from entering the art market.

Fundacion Sansó Certificates of Authenticity have a pair of numbered hologram stickers. One sticker will be placed on artworks authenticated by the museum, while its pair is on the certificate which, itself, has several security features, including micro texts and invisible marks which only show under a specific spectrum of UV light. This sticker will be attached by authorized staff of the museum to the frame or any part of the artwork, keeping in mind the proper handling and conservation of artworks.

In previous years, there has been a genuine spate of fakes entering the market. They even regularly incorporate fabrications of endorsements of legitimacy from different domains by the National Artists and of noted Philippine visual specialists.

With the rise of auction prices of Philippine art, several incidents of art fraud had happened and this only shows that there is a need for a purposeful exertion to handle this plague hurting the workmanship network in general.

Fundacion Sansó is one of those groups who are responding to the call to guarantee that only solitary certifiable works by Juvenal Sanso can enter the craftsmanship showcase.

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