Floyd Is Done Trash-talking Pacman

Before the formal announcement of Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s fight, Floyd has been trash-talking Pacman. But since the settled fight on May 2, Floyd “Money May” Mayweather Jr. has stopped the trash-talk altogether.

Mayweather said that his trash talk was just a part of his self-promotion.

According to his statement in MLive.com, “At first, it was like, one way or another, by communication or by my boxing skills, you will watch me, you will see me, I will be seen.”

But what have stopped Money May in doing his dirty talking now against Pacman? His biggest paycheck to date! He will be earning $180 million depending on pay-per-view sales.

“I’m in a position now I don’t have to do that,” says Mayweather.

Watch out for the most-awaited fight on May 2. And see who will end this historic fight a champion.

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