Fisherfarm Bangus Products: A Healthy Quick Fix for a Happy Tummy

There are variety of foods available in the supermarket to be served in your plate. But not all of them are worth your time to be serving it in your home. In this time where processed foods are everywhere, and it is the easiest thing to prepare, there should be some considerations especially if your family’s and your own health is concern.

Meat, especially pork, is the most varied processed item in the supermarket. And honestly, it is the most dangerous to one’s health, with all the cholesterol and the salt. Yikes! How would you want some healthy fish in your dining table? Yes? Yes!

Thanks to Fisherfarms Inc. there are fish products that are worthy of your time and money. They have frozen seafoods that you will surely enjoy as it is gluten-free, all natural, and have is no-trans fat item. All the rookie in pursuing healthy living say what say you?

Let’s get down to business and inspect these Fisherfarm products.

FFI Bangus Lemon Butter. Sounds very health-conscious, aye? With lemon and butter on it, it sounds sumptuous, too, isn’t it? And it is easy to prepare. You just need to thaw it from the freezer, pop it inside the microwave for about 3-6 minutes and voila! You have the fish set! Heat the lemon butter sauce in hot water while still inside the plastic and just pour it over the fish if you like for the fine dining-like experience and taste.

FFI Gourmet Selection Roasted Garlic Milkfish Loins. Roasted garlic? Mmm. This good-sounding “gourmet” dish is just an 8-minute preparation. Lay the fillets out on a baking dish and put it in the oven for 4 minutes. Make sure that you use the other 4 minutes to turn the fillet upside down for perfect cooking. And there you have it, your very own gourmet dish out in the oven for just 8 minutes. Bravo!

FFI Smoked Deboned Milkfish. There is nothing more than a simple deboned milkfish to make you happy. This FFI product is set for only 4-6 minutes and you can have a feasting of deboned milkfish. Bake it in the oven for the above time and it is good to go.

FFI Gourmet Baked Rellenong Bangus. Last but not the least is their tasty rellenong bangus. It is better to be baked than fried because by doing so fat content will be cut down. It is stuffed with sweet potato, raisins dipped in rum, bangus belly, shrimp and other premium and special ingredients to produce one savor-filled fish. It is available in these sizes: 800g, 1.1kg and 1.3kg in which you can enjoy.

There you have it. These are just some of the Fisherfarm products you can prepare if you are the aiming for healthy eating but easy cooking dishes to prepare for your family.

To order, please call the Fisherfarms hotline at (+632) 5843318 or visit the following outlets:

Alabang Supermarket Corporation, Landmark, Metro Gaisano, Pioneer Centre, Puregold Duty Free Subic, Robinson’s, Rustan’s, Savemore, Shopwise, SM Hypermarket and Supermarket, South Supermarket, Unimart, and Cash and Carry.

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