Finding Ways to Spread Christmas Cheers

Since the first week of December my husband and I together with some friends started a project called Spread love; Share a meal. It aims to spread the spirit of sharing by giving out food packs to our homeless brothers and sisters. During our kick-off day last December 2, 2018, we were able to give away 300 food packs from Pampanga to Metro Manila and since then almost every night my husband and I would go out the streets to look for street dwellers and we spend some time talking to them while we offer them a simple meal.

We don’t have much and there would even be times that our finances are very tight but amidst that, we know that we are still extremely blessed that we should share to others who are in greater need.

During one of our travels, we were fortunate to visit a special-need-kids shelter that provides care to special kids who were abandoned by their families. We plan to go back to not just share a meal with them but to also spend time with them.

While planning for our next visit our major concern was, of course, our budget. With Christmas just around the corner, expenses are growing bigger but we won’t let that stop us. Definitely loaning money is not an option for us because of the high interest they impose on top of the capital amount borrowed.

Good thing I have a pair of gold earrings and ring that doesn’t fit me anymore and since my baby is just a year old she won’t be able to use them yet so we plan to pawn them.

Okay, before the negativities flow overboard; why pawning you might ask. It’s been our go-to for immediate financial needs. The process is fast, it has very low interest, and the collateral can be a jewelry that’s been sitting in your drawer for who knows how long. There are even pawnshops that would accept gadgets. So the question now is where to pawn our items.

I went to compare three pawnshops that can give the best deal for my items that will be used for our next visit to the shelter and also for this coming Christmas day.

At my first stop, I went to one of the well-known pawnshops in the country and they appraised my pieces of jewelry at less than P7, 000. It wasn’t what I was expecting so off to my next stop.
On to my second stop, a fast growing name in the pawning industry, my items were valued at P7, 300 which is better than the first one.

For my last destination, I went to one of the top pawnshops in the Philippines with the hope of having a better offer than the last as they claim to have the highest appraisal in the country.
So after a few tests, the appraiser told me that my pieces of jewelry can be pawned at 7,850 pesos, P5, 050 for the ring and P2, 800 for the pair of earrings.

Among all the 3 pawnshops I went to I decided to pawn my items to the last one which is Cebuana Lhuillier Pawnshop as they have proven to have the highest appraisal rate.

Now my husband and I are starting to plan and coordinate our next visit to the shelter and also we are planning to get our baby girl something special this Christmas.

As for my pawned pieces of jewelry I have 1 to 4 months to get them back so when the time comes I can pass them to my daughter and she can use them as an investment and accessories.

What do you think?


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