Find everything your kid needs this 11.11 in the Nestle Official Store on Shopee!

Nestle products, a staple in every Filipino households’ daily food and beverages. Whether it be breakfast, lunch, snack, or dinner, there is a Nestle product that fits perfectly into every meal, making it the country’s favorite food-kasalo! Now mommies and daddies, listen up! Shopee, the nation’s biggest online shopping site, is having its Biggest Christmas Sale on Nov. 11, during which items will be sold at their lowest rates. So ready your online shopping carts and visit Nestle’s Official Store on Shopee!

Nestle BEAR BRAND® Fortified Powdered milk drink is the only powdered milk carefully studied and proven to have Tibay-Resistensya Nutrients, which can greatly help in fighting Micronutrient Deficiency for our babies! (together with 3 balanced meals per day). Based on absorption rate, iron is 3x more accessible when combined with zinc and calcium. It also has 100 percent Vitamin C, Ideal for growing children. Doble Tibay refers to Tibay-Resistensya and Tibay-Katawan nutrients combined with three balanced meals and exercise based on the RENI and the needs of children aged three to five years. Get 15% off BEAR BRAND Fortified Powdered Milk Drink 2kg – Pack of 3 with FREE Bear Brand 700g on 11.11!

MILO®, the Philippines’ premier healthy choco malt powdered milk drink, developed in 1964 and has been renowned for its distinct flavor that Filipino people all over the world truly adore. MILO® stands true as a tasty and nutritional drink for people of all ages to keep healthy via athletics, instilling in them the champion spirit. Shopee is offering free Shipping for a minimum order of P500!

The true all purpose ingredient which can be used in sweets, savory meals, pastas, soups, stews, dips, drinks, and even whipping! NESTLÉ All Purpose Cream the most popular cream brand in the Philippines. It has the perfect consistency, a delightful flavor, and is easy to whip. It adds excellent creaminess, richness, and thickness to every mouthful of any cuisine. On 11.11 catch NESTLÉ All-Purpose Cream 250ml – Pack of 12 with FREE 4 Oreo Slugs and save up to 160 PHP!

Be sure to not miss the lowest sales of the year this 11.11 my fellow Nestle-lovers! For more items, follow Nestle’s Official Store on Shopee at Happy Shopee-ing!

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