A Father’s Great Love For His Daughter Wrapped Up In A Lie

Love can make us do irrational things. It makes us do crazy stuffs, things beyond what we can imagine possible. Yes, love does that, most especially when love is so great, so real, and so wide. No one can fathom that kind of love.

One Thai commercial ad perfectly displays this love, of a father to his daughter.

The father sends the daughter to school in his coat and tie, as if everything is fine, as if they have everything, as if they have no problem. He gives his daughter what she need, what she want, and a home filled with happiness and joy.

The father shows no sign of weakness, of pain, of hunger, or tiredness, knowing that his daughter doesn’t notice the truth. But she breaks it to him through a love letter.

She tells of her love for her father, all the things she appreciates about him, and at last one thing — his lying to her, about everything.

Every bit of sacrifice her father does, she know perfectly well — how he pretends that everything is okay but is actually not, how he struggles to find a job and keep her future secure while keeping their day to day well for her.

Everything her father did for her where all lies because her father loves her so much.

Watch how the father reacted to his daughter knowing his lies:

But she still found a way to figure out his sacrifices and told him on a letter that she wrote for her.

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