Father and Son Batman Fans Gets a Really Cool Batmobile Tumbler Baby Stroller

Super-fan builds created another masterpiece for a super fan indeed. And this time, it goes Dark Knight inspired for Maressa Earl and her husband and son.

Maressa knew her husband Josh as an avid Batman fan since they met. And now, seeing his husband’s Batman nerdiness being rubbed off to his son Collin since he was 18 months old, she sent a video to Super-fan Builds to create something the two guys of her life would really love.

With the help of Tim Baker, a designer, master builder, and a prop maker for television for 25 years, they are making an ultimate collectible for the Earls made just for them.

From the Tim Baker Creations’ studio, Maressa, Earl, and Collin will yet to see the ultimate Batman collectible that will be added to their Batman cave.

For seven days, the team of Tim Baker finished and furnished the batmobile Tumbler baby stroller.

Tim first made a 3D model of the stroller in a computer. Then, they made a paper model that is to be cut out to make sure that the stroller will be accurate.

  • Day 1. They made the Tumbler frame from 1 ½ eighth wall (or heavy wall) steel square tubing. They also find an all black Batman-ish car seat with five-point harness that will suit the projected Batmobile stroller. The five-point harness seat is usually used for race cars, which will make the batmobile really cool.
  • Day 2. They worked on the body. The body of the Tumbler is covered with armored plate. Tim Baker used PVC foam sheeting for the plates. PVC foam sheeting is a lightweight, durable material that has numerous construction applications, to be cut out with CNC router (a computer controlled cutting machine). The plates will be assembled to be glued and form the frame of the batmobile tumbler stroller.
  • Day 3. they did the assembling of the cut out plates
  • Day 5. They attached the assembles to the frame. Then they begin sanding and painting it.
  • Day 7. They put details on the Batmobile Tumbler with elements similar to the Tumbler in the Dark Knight movie.

Then came the day when the surprise was reveal. The Father and son surely loved the surprise the Super-Fan Builds and Maressa have for them. Collin was eager to ride the stroller in the same way that Earl was so glad to stroll his son around with their new and awesome ride.

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