Falafel Yo: A Healthy Alternative to Greenbelt Cinema Junkies

With the success of Chaplin in Century City Mall, the same group aims to continue spreading tasty food within the Metro. This time, they have their eyes set on movie-goers at Greenbelt 3.

Falafel Yo aims to provide classic dishes and meals of Falafel, while also making their salads unique by offering authentic tastes using imported Israeli spices and ingredients.

The joint offers unique and authentic tasting dishes, while also being customizable to your own liking.

You can have cabbage that is creamy like coleslaw, or sour in their Sour Cabbage Salad. Following your sour taste buds, you can also opt for their Tunisian Salad with bell peppers, radish and carrot topped with their lemon-white vinaigrette. Already having a sour day? Falafel Yo offers you a simple chopped salad that has lemon, chopped cucumber, tomato, onions, and parsley.

Can’t choose what salad to pick? No worries, you can order a sandwich which has all these salads or, you can choose the one that suits your taste.

There is also a wide-range of toppings that can match your salad, or give your salad a unique twist. These toppings include fried green chili pepper, fried eggplant slices, and French fries. Yes, FRENCH FRIES!

But, where is the meat? Don’t worry, Falafel Yo also offers the Falafel Beast: A fusion of your beloved shawarma and their signature falafel.

Of course, a perfect meal isn’t possible without a matching drink. You can opt for their Lemon Grass Tea, a fusion of Lemon, mint, and of course, the “grass.”

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