Everyone Needs A Superhero During This Challenging Period! ‘You’re My Superhero’ Is A Tribute To All Unseen Heroes

Gentle Bones is taking this year by storm! Since the release of his self-titled debut album ‘Gentle Bones’ last month, the album has garnered over 20 million streams on digital platforms, with the
support of numerous artists and media. Joel Tan, better known by his stage name Gentle Bones, took to celebrating the 8-year milestone with an Instagram post, dedicating the album to the very
first EP he released back in 2014. Fellow album collaborators, Benjamin Kheng, Tay Kewei, Karencici, Clara Benin, gamaliél, and lewloh, as well as past collaborators Charlie Lim and MYRNE
flooded the comments with positive congratulatory wishes for the successful album launch.

Following the announcement of the album, the antepenultimate song to be revealed from Gentle Bones’ debut bilingual album You’re My Superhero will be released on all digital streaming
platforms on Friday, 1 October 2021. Accompanying the new single, a superhero-themed music video will also be released on Monday, 4 October 2021 on Gentle Bones’ Facebook and YouTube
channel, as well as Cross Ratio’s Facebook.

Empowering Everyday Heroes – The Inspirations Behind The Song

How do we define a hero?

Real-life superheroes manifest in various forms, donning everyday clothing in favour of a suit of armour. Carrying the message that the smallest action can have the best effect on people’s lives,
with his signature Gentle Bones sound, ‘You’re My Superhero’ is a motivational ode to the heroes around us.

‘The superheroes that I had in mind when writing were very much not actual superheroes,’ Joel revealed, elaborating further on the song.

‘Instead, I imagined people that I know that have exhibited many qualities and traits which I find very strong. It’s a song dedicated to them and also paying homage to the fact that we all can be
superheroes in our own lives and other people’s lives. It’s how we decide to step up to the plate that’s most important.’

Gentle Bones Dances For The First Time?
Transforming Into A Superhero To Save The World

The music video follows the story of washed-up superhero Tough Skin, who is no longer motivated to save the world. One day, he sees breaking news of crimes committed by a new supervillain, Keyboard Warrior. Meanwhile, his hero sidekick, Gentle Bones, tries his best to encourage Tough Skin to make a comeback. The main theme behind the storyline is simple yet honest – you are a superhero even if only one person thinks so.

The concept of the video differs a little from the origins of the song though the intended message is the same, with Joel describing it as ‘superhero-esque’, even though it was written about everyday people. ‘To be able to bring the listener and the viewer through a journey where they can feel some sort of encouragement at the end I think is the best part
about it.’

The music video features an eclectic cast of characters, all of whom are Joel’s friends in real life. It is the first time that Joel’s musical companions are participating in his music video on a scale such as this. Fans can expect Singaporean artists and musicians like Sam Rui, Josh Wei, MingJie Tan, NAzTyKeyz, Jason Gelchen, Sano Shimano, Dex Wong, and Ritz Ang to appear in the video. Each one of them had helped, both in the past and present, to get his music out so getting them aboard was his way of thanking them and showing them love.

Conveying his gratitude for them, Joel shared, ‘It’s really to celebrate those who have helped you in any way, those who have shined a light on your life when it may not have been the brightest. Everyone in the video are people who have contributed greatly to my musical career and whom I have co-created many great things together in our lives. I wanted them to be my video because I’ve never done it before.’

With Joel playing the role of a superhero, fans can also spot the singer-songwriter wearing a white and blue-coloured superhero outfit, dancing for the first time. Shared more on the whole experience of transforming into a superhero, his answer might come rather unexpected.

‘The superhero outfit was uncomfortable’, he said, laughing. ‘But the dancing was nice. I’ve always wanted to have a mass dance in my videos and I’m so glad everyone was willing to
hop on.’

Gentle Bones’ new single ‘You’re My Superhero’, will be out on digital platforms on 1 October 2021. The music video will be released on 4 October 2021.

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