Entrepreneur Henjie Carmona launches Rafael’s Tapas Bar and Restaurant – A place to come home

  • Rafael’s Tapas Bar and Restaurant is launched featuring home-made dishes,elegant homemaking and art
  • Entrepreneur Henjie Carmona launched this at Resorts World Manila
  • Carmona describes the place as “home and the food reminds you of family”

Entrepreneur Henjie Carmona newly launched Rafael’s Tapas Bar and Restaurant at Resorts World Manila.The place is home for his father Rafael’s original dishes,his mom Petronila’s rich homemaking, and his affinity for craftsmanship to the upscale hotel-casino complex’s food, wine, and fun loving clientele of high rollers, junkets, and the fancy set.

“I want to offer them a place to come home to not only for familiar but original home recipes that have been leveled up for their discriminating tastes,” he said, “but also to cozy up, chill, and unwind after spending hours playing and gaming.”

Carmona is a communication research graduate by degree and initially a banker by profession but he has preoccupied himself in the hotel and restaurant industry for more than two decades now.

His group is known for spearheading the condotel (condominium + hotel)
design and the official breakfast relax and Carmona feels he need to challenge himself further by offering ala carte.

Lessons from Father

“Opening Rafael’s isn’t a childhood dream, but everything that went into it has been inspired by my dad who taught me all I need about food and cooking,” Carmona confessed. “First, good food is all about freshness—meaning, nothing stays long in the freezer, nothing canned is used, and everything is made in-house, even the pasta and especially the sauces.”

Carmona alao recalled how his dad never permitted partners to cook, saving that benefit and respect for the leader of the family, and tried to set up their suppers himself consistently regardless of being overwhelmed by his business all week.

“I’d remember craving for his signature dinuguan (pork blood stew) and lechon (roasted suckling pig) pairing while Matt Monroe wafts in the air,” he recalls, adding that this time it’s not just about taste, but also being Instagrammable. Thus, all Rafael’s dishes are plated with delicate artistry worthy of being photographed and shared (pun intended).

“Second, you never ask your guests if they have eaten already or if they want to eat or not,” Carmona explained. Not only would it put off guests as an excuse for lack of preparation or not having enough food, it would also give an impression that hospitality is not one’s forte.

He assured that there’s no compromising quality in the dining experience at Rafael’s, where groups of 10 to 15 can avail of the posh Petronila VIP mezzanine room for a consumable reserve price of P200K which comes with the mandatory Wi-Fi and a flat-screen TV that can be hooked up to Resort World shows.

He said,“For that, it’s the sky’s the limit from cocktail drinks at P400 per pop to exquisite bottles of Remy Martin Louis XIII and Dalmore 25!”

“Third, food is everybody’s game,” Carmona concluded, “just like my father said everything’s done with food: deals closed, relationships opened, victories celebrated, wrongs amended, and sins forgiven.Nobody loses with food and the best businesses invest in it.”

Aside being home to the most unique tasting dishes,Rafael’s is as well as the most meticulously inside embellished eatery where burger joints eat and drink encompassed by transcending Toto Aguilon wire towers, authorized canvases from craftsmen Tanya Gaisano Lee and Angelo Tabije, John Lloyd Cruz photos, red and dark hung tables, brilliant trumpet crystal fixtures, and a brilliant washroom!

Rafael’s Specialties

“All our dishes are all-time familiar favorites that offer a unique twist in taste and presentation,” Carmona beamed as he introduced Rafael’s house specialties, which have interesting, oftentimes intriguing, names.

For their signature tapas or appetizers, they have their ritzy rendition of chicken skin—Chicken that Crossed the Road (P380) served with chili malt vinegar, pickled carrot, and radish puree, which are extra crunchy along with their classy version of gambas—Miss Gump in Hot Flashes (P720) with black garlic and Chardonnay roasted chilis and lemon.

For dinner, they have First Love (P1150)—spicy soft shelled crab risotto with homemade chorizo and chicken thigh charged with lemon—which is as crispy as they are tasty and Blackened Angus Ribeye (P2900)—prime steak with corn and zucchini succotash and chimichurri sauce—which is the most expensive standalone item on the menu.

Capping every meal or visit, guests ought to make sure they try The Big Bang Theory (P390)—a delicately sweet triple nut, three-layered cake of butter and dark chocolate cake revelation, their version of “Choc Nut”, revealed Chef Jinggoy Fernando—for dessert to complete the Rafael’s experience.

“The concept behind all these is simple,” Henjie Carmona said summing up: “I want Rafael’s to be that kind of place where you always want to come back to every day because it’s home and the food reminds you of family,”

For the full menu, reservations, and more information, please visit @rafaelsrwph on Instagram and Rafael’s Tapas Bar and Restaurant on Facebook.

Written by Gabriel

Introvert, wanderer, blogger, foodie, a hip-hop music writer, and one of the co-founders of a tech start-up company called GigsManila.


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