ECCP Statement on the War in Ukraine

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The undersigned Chambers of Commerce condemn and express their deepest regret to the military aggression brought upon Ukraine by the Russian President Putin. As committed partners of the European Union and the United Nations in upholding the UN Charter and the fundamental principles of international law, we support the calls for the cessation of the use of force against Ukraine, and express our solidarity with the Ukrainian people as they fight for their independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity.

The attack against Ukraine does not only threaten the security of its people, but also poses a tremendous threat to the global economy. National business organizations and think tanks underscore that fragile economic recovery may be worsened by the spillover effects of the conflict on global consumer prices and supply of commodities. Rebound on world economies inflicted by the COVID-19 pandemic will likewise be disrupted by the near-term inflation pressures globally brought about by the war against Ukraine.

As such, we strongly urge compliance to international law and resort to the peaceful settlement of international disputes, respecting the principle of sovereignty and territorial integrity. We particularly support the utilization of peaceful negotiations as a diplomatic tool to address the Ukraine crisis. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Ukrainian people.

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