Dress for success: snag the professional look with McJim classic leather

Dressing for success has never been given more significance in the corporate world than now when intense competition in the workforce compels you to be not just good at what you do but to look the part, too. In fact, a person who dresses sharply gets a powerful confidence boost and he is then perceived by his workmates and superiors as someone capable of getting the job done.

McJim is well too aware of this and pitches a few surefire tips for men who want to make the cut in the professional world:

  • Look beyond denim. Eschew your favorite pair of jeans for well-cut classic trousers or slacks. This will give you a sleek professional look while ensuring comfort even on a long day at the office.
  • Lose the t-shirts. Wearing t-shirts, sweat shirts, and hoodies at work and corporate events is a big no-no. If the office dress code is business attire or smart casual, a plain-hued short- or long-sleeved polo or one with subtle prints is a fine option.
  • Suit up! Invest in suits, coats, and blazers. No matter what your profession is, at some point you will need to throw a coat over your shirt. Standard or neutral colors are usually best during the day and in the evenings, too. A timeless single-breasted, two-button suit in charcoal gray or navy blue is a wise choice as well.
  • Shoes matter. Invest in a good pair of leather shoes to complete your classic work ensemble. Leather shoes of high quality are no longer a luxury in this day and age; these have become a necessity.
  • Accessorize. There is more to looking professional than just donning corporate attire. To infuse your image with class and style, wear the appropriate accessories.

Leather is your best bet at any time. For forty years now, McJim, a brand that creates leather goods of high quality, has been recognized for having the must-have accessories not only for work, but also for important events like weddings, graduations, and other social gatherings.

An essential men’s accessory is the belt. McJim offers good quality leather belts with distinctive looking metal buckles. The belts are available in various designs and colors—basic dark brown, basic modernist black, and reversible minimalist.

A leather wallet is another must-have accessory for everyday use. A fine leather wallet lends a professional, gentlemanly vibe to male professionals. McJim makes men’s wallets from real leather, with different styles to suit varied functions. Considered an excellent investment, McJim wallets are built to last for years.

Finally, a leather bag has become a favored staple accessory among male professionals. Tried-and-true classics, leather bags offer both style and function. McJim has you covered for any occasion with its sturdy and stylish offerings—whether it’s a shoulder bag, body bag, and a gadget bag you need.

With McJim accessories, there is a guarantee that you always have the right accessories for the look and image you are going for. You won’t go wrong with McJim; it’s always a safe option.

Plus, McJim accessories feature a young and contemporary taste in style and look, that’s why it is recommended for all men, young or old, father or son. Remember, what you choose to wear—the outfit and the accessories—reveal who you are, and McJim is an ideal choice.

A bonus tip: always be well-groomed. Complement the perfect ensemble with a good haircut, trimmed and clean fingernails, and overall good hygiene.

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