“I Do’s” Three Power Couples Uncover Secrets in Lie Detector Test


The three Power Couples of ABS-CBN realiserye “I Do” will face what might be the toughest task in the competition as they take a lie detector test to prove their love, honesty, and commitment to each other.

I DO POWER COUPLES Chad & Sheela, Chris & Karen, Jimmy & Kring

In the final episode of “I Do” in the village this Saturday (Nov 1), Chad and Sheela, Chris and Karen, and Jimmy and Kring will undergo the “Love or Lie” challenge, where each of them will be asked to sit in a chair connected to a lie detector machine while they answer tough questions from their partners and council members Judy Ann Santos-Agoncilli, coach Pia, and Dr. Julian.

Some of them, however, are reluctant to take the test. Could they be hiding something, or are they just confident enough that they don’t have to prove anything? The test will even bring to light some of the secrets they are hiding from their partners. Will their love survive the results?

Don’t miss the final ceremony of “I Do” on November 8 and the much-anticipated grand wedding of the winning couple on November 15. Which couple will win their dream wedding?

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