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  • Instagram-worthy ideas to make the most of your Sapporo experience

Undeniably one of Japan’s national treasures, Sapporo is an enchanting place just outside Hokkaido. Aside from the Winter Festival which is a must to go to, there are also other things to discover — their stunning landmarks scattered all throughout the region, authentic Japanese curry, and the well-known Sapporo Beer. Definitely an Instagrammable place worthy of checking off your bucket list. If you’re planning a trip there soon, we’ve made a 4-day itinerary and shot list for you to know the hottest picturesque spots in Japan’s hidden wonder.

Day 1 “The Window Seat”

Save yourself from the hassle of connecting flights and go straight to the heart of Sapporo from Manila with the country’s only 4-star airline, Philippine Airlines! Flying there 3x weekly with the new Airbus A321, experience comfortable seats, delectable in-flight meals, and the world-famous buong-pusong alaga. Remember to take the obligatory window seat shot for that first Instagram post of your trip!

“The Touchdown”

Take a photo once you arrive at the New Chitose Airport! Before you leave, you can satisfy your cravings by going to Royce’s Chocolate World or geek out as you buy from the airport’s several toy stores! Once you’re done, hop on a cab, ride the train, or rent a car to get to the city proper.

“The Equestrian”

After checking in your hotel, you can start your Sapporo immersion by going to the Northern Horse Park! Gather those likes when you post a photo of you riding horses through the park’s serene surroundings. Who knows, you might even see other animals!

“The Time Traveler”

A piece of history frozen in time, explore Noboribetsu Date Jidaimura’s Edo period temples and houses. Try to spot the samurais, ninjas, and geishas scattered throughout the village. And oh, don’t forget to take the perfect selfie!

“The Hot Tub Hottie”

Cap off your first day with at the Noboribetsu Hell Valley! Take snaps as you bathe in a combination of eleven kinds of water filled with different kinds of minerals that are healthy for the body. This ancient Japanese spring treatment is said to cure ills and ailments. Wow!

Day 2:
“The Winter Wonderland”

Booking a flight during the winter season? Start the day with a view to remember by going to Orofure Pass. Take pictures of the breathtaking snow-covered valleys when you get to the viewing deck.

“The Cable Car Cutie”

Go up Mt. Usu in the most scenic way possible! Ride a cable car to the volcano’s summit and enjoy a panoramic view of Lake Toya, Toya Caldera, and the Usu Volcano Global Geopark!

“The By-the-Lake Look”

Once you get back down from the summit, you can take a relaxing walk along the coastline of Lake Toya or follow the trails leading to the other vantage points of the island. Just imagine the Instagram Stories you’ll take!

“The Legend-Dairy Snap”

If you’re a dairy lover, then Niseko Milk Kobo will be heaven on earth for you. Thanks to Hokkaido’s great air quality, relatively cool summer weather, and wide open farming areas, their dairy products have a unique taste that’s incomparable! Once you get there, try their unique milk blends or choose from a range of mouth-watering pastries. Take flat lay pics before eating them!

“The Action Man”

Unleash the adrenaline junkie in you as you ride down the slippery slopes at Niseko Ski Resort, located at the northern part of Hokkaido! Pro tip: Use your phone’s slow-mo feature to double the awesomeness!

Day 3:
“The Neat Shot”

See how Nikka Whisky is made by visiting its distillery. Observe age-old traditions performed by skilled craftsmen as they create the perfect whisky. So grab yourself a glass, pour yourself some Yoichi Single Malt, and smile! Don’t forget, buy a bottle (or two) to bring back home.

“The Walk-Along-the-River Pose”

Half an hour away from Sapporo is the quaint harbor city, Otaru. The place is famous for its intricate glassworks, music boxes, and sake distilleries. Strike a pose as you walk along the beautifully preserved canals that date back to the 1800s.

“The Sweet Tooth”

Discover the European architecture inspired landmark, Shiroi Koibito, tucked away in the heart of the city! Oh, and did we mention, it’s a chocolate park as well? You can try making your own Shiroi Koibito cookies!

“The Epic Lights”

End the night with an amazing view of the entire Sapporo skyline at Mt. Moiwa! Take a romantic photo with your significant other or just enjoy the magical scenery.

Day 4:
“The Gatekeeper”

Undeniably one of the most Instagrammable spots in Japan, walk through thousands of tall vermilion torii gates that lead up to the shrine’s sacred forest in the Fushimi Inari Shrine.

“The City Traveler”

Explore Sapporo’s urban grit! You can take a Boomerang as you stroll through the famous Odori Park, snap a selfie in front of the century-old clock tower, or capture the city’s beauty when you go up the sky-high TV tower.

“The Yogi Pose”

Punctuate your trip by treating yourself to a relaxing massage in the middle of the woods at Sato Jozan Spa. Let your body rejuvenate from your epic Sapporo adventure!

Now that’s how you fill your feed with amazing photos from Japan’s most Instagrammable place! Sapporo will surely satisfy all kinds of travelers with its amazing cuisine, friendly locals, and of course its breathtaking beauty. As for the flight back home, you can fly comfortably with Philippine Airlines’ amazing service. Go grab a blanket, tuck yourself in, and enjoy your flight only with the Heart of the Filipino.

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