Detox And Begin The Year With A Fresh Start!

Over the years, The Farm at San Benito has helped thousands of people in their successful quest to live a healthier and balanced lifestyle through integrative medical services, preventive health awareness and consuming nutritious foods in its purest form.

The Farm, opened in 2002, has offered numerous distinguished and effective “Healing Retreats through detox cleansing, wellness spa treatments and eating raw living foods in their natural state, which resulted to a revolutionary change to the Philippine tourism and health industry. To date, The Farm is the only Medical Wellness Retreat Destination in the Philippines that offers a comprehensive programs addressing to some of the most common illnesses in today’s busy society like diabetes, obesity, hypertension as well as stress & depression, acquired naturally and holistically. The Farm has already won 53 prestigious international awards including “The Best Medical Wellness Resort in the World” from SENSES Germany which made its mark as one of the leading medical wellness destination in the Asia-Pacific region.

Located an easy 90-minute drive south of Manila, The Farm rests on 48 hectares of lush green jungle, stunning view of the majestic mountains, pure and fresh air with clear and positive life-giving energy radiating around the property. All the detox and wellness programs at The Farm are conducted in collaboration with experts, licensed medical professionals, nutritionists and living food experts, fitness coaches and yoga teachers. From medically-guided detox procedures to yoga retreats and award-winning living foods vegan cuisines, The Farm offers outstanding services to foster well-being for healing and rejuvenation that truly lasts. A medical wellness retreat where guests will surely benefit from a comprehensive designed series of holistic health services to achieve optimal physical health, spiritual & emotional well-being, and mental clarity. With only 33 amazing suites and villas, well-maintained property, top-notch service and the Filipinos’ nurturing touch, The Farm offer guests an unparalleled life changing holiday experience.

Known for its award-winning vegan and holistic health retreats for years, The Farm is a pioneer and already an expert in the art of detoxification. On this Detox retreat program, you will experience a full immersion to clean living through medically guided fasting primarily on pure vegetable juices and nutrient-dense whole foods, physical movement & fitness. Medically-supervised treatments and services to support in the elimination of toxic and harmful substances trapped in the tissues of the body, while restoring the body’s optimum ability to absorb nutrients for a total health result. Mental and spiritual enrichments are also provided for a full holistic and balanced approach to a Healthier You!

All-inclusive 4 Night DETOX D’LITE starts at USD $ 1,744++ per person. Upgrade to 6 Night WEIGHT MANAGEMENT for additional USD$ 872++ for rapid, guaranteed, and sustainable weight loss.

For more information or for reservations assistance please contact +632 884 8074 / +63 918 884 8078Email: [email protected]

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