Davco Launches New Product for Effective Waterproofing

Another product is joining the construction offerings of Davco. Under the roof of Parex, Davco, throughout the years, became the Philippines’ more preferred brand of construction essentials like flooring protection, skimcoat and waterproofing coating among many others.

The new product dubbed Captain Shield will feature a new waterproofing compound that can be used in several applications including the construction of foundations, beams/columns, slabs, external plastering, flooring, and bathrooms.

When you are waterproofing concrete, masonry and other cement-based materials you prolong the life and durability of the structure. Whether you are preserving a cinder block wall, a concrete floor or poured concrete walls, keeping water out of concrete is a great step toward better longevity.

This is pretty useful in a country frequented by strong typhoons, flood, and heavy rain. During the monsoon season, we also usually come across the problem of water seepage from the ceiling or water getting clogged in the terrace which results in seepage. Such problems will require an expert and some basic knowledge about the problem and solutions to it. But if you considered waterproofing in the design of your house, troubles like this won’t even be possible.


PBA legend Alvin Patrimonio recently renewed his contract as an endorser of Davco for another year after being with the company for the last 3 years. The product Captain Shield, is a cement water proofing compound that helps prevent water seepage and leakage. Seen in photo are Mr. Christophe Lejeune, Managing Director of Parex Group Philippines and Mr. Alvin Patrimonio after signing the contract. Parex Group Philippines was recently acquired by the leading Swiss company Sika.

This is where the new Davco Captain Shield comes to play.

Remember: Prevention is Better than Cure!

Water breaks concrete down – Prevent it with the new Davco Captain Shield

Not only does the concrete start looking bad after being soaked in water, but it’s also getting weaker. You have probably seen the surface damage on a sidewalk or old mortar. The concrete erodes, exposing matrix materials and base concrete.

In extreme cases, water will destroy concrete quickly, but generally, it takes a few years to start showing. If you see damage on the surface of the concrete, it’s a safe bet the underlying structure of your wall or floor is damaged too.

If you want a concrete project to maintain its strength and fresh appearance, the Davco Captain Shield is a new solution to try.
Captain Shield boasts its new “WaterGuard” technology that provides not just a single layer of protection to the concrete parts of your house but several layers to ensure 100% defense against sulfate-chloride attacks.

Apart from that Davco Captain Shield works to lessen water absorption through your walls and floorings prevents steel bar corrosion and lessens concrete porosity. All these for an affordable price!

And you don’t have to worry about additional expenses on hiring experts for application. It is so easy to use that any homeowners can do! Another good news is that it is compatible with all types of cement.

Preferred by both contractors and Homeowners, let us see what these people have to say about Davco’s Captain Shield:

For a contractor who’s trying to make it big in the country’s saturated construction industry, quality material is everything. Apart from attention to details and skills, materials are a huge part of making a structure long-lasting. So for this contractor, he opts to use a trusted brand for constructing for one reason – building his reputation:

“It is important that my work satisfies my customer since the word can go around in terms of the quality of what I do.

If people hear of my good work, I will get more projects. My reputation is important to me.

Furthermore, homeowners rely heavily on what I recommend since they do not have much information on construction. Therefore it is important that despite I need to make a profit, I still need to ensure that the house built will satisfy the needs of my customer. It is important that I am able to use materials, that can give reliable performance in protecting the house against water leaks/ moisture.”

Meanwhile, homeowners are in continuous search for the highest quality material to use for their house construction but won’t break their banks. This homeowner has this to say about the right choice of construction material to use:

“As the owner of the home, building a house is a decision I will make once or twice in a lifetime. I want my home to stand the test of time as I will pass it on to my children. It is my legacy. I have poured in all my savings to build this house for my family and our generation. It is important to me that the build is right to be long-lasting & durable. The choices of what building materials to be used should be very important.”

All these concerns can now be solved with Captain Shield.

Another event being celebrated by Davco is Alvin Patrimonio’s renewal of contract as its endorser. Known as The Captain in PBA, it isn’t wonder how he’s worthy to become the face of Captain Shield.

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