Dario’s Grill: A Trip into Metro’s Top Choice Boodle Fight Restaurant


Have you ever experienced indulging to appetizing delicacies in a boodle fight? If not, then now’s the time to try it at Dario’s Grill.

Recently, boodle fight is gaining popularity in countries outside the Philippines including New York, New Zealand, and even in the UAE where royalties are common.

This traditional Pinoy culinary experience actually originated from the Philippine Military where soldiers face comrades in a big fight over food! Viands and rice, as well as fruits for dessert, are all placed at the center of a really long table in their mess hall. Then they eat with their hands to show their sense of brotherhood and equality. So it was called boodle fight because they literally have to compete with others and eat as many as they can before the whole food runs out!
Pinoys are indeed very creative when it comes to setting interesting culinary trends.

These days, military people are no longer the only ones doing the boodle fight. Almost every family experienced holding this kind of eating a feast in an occasion or two. For that reason, many entrepreneurs are adopting the idea to their food business.

And one of this business is our featured food trip haven today – Dario’s Grill!

It took some time to put the name on the map of preferred restaurants in the metro but look at how popular it is now.
It is famous for its Dinakdakan recipe, which is a highland specialty, and also for its sumptuous boodle fight menus!
Dario’s Grill serves several packages for boodle fight made from fresh ingredients. You’ll be able to indulge into Pinoy staples like longganisa, daing na bangus, red egg, grilled pusit and loads of shrimps, which I’m sure you’ll love to take a break from your everyday burger rand fried chicken menu.

This restaurant will really let you experience the true native boodle fight as your food will be served on a nice wooden table.

Dario’s Grill is a product of its owner’s long years of hard work. Mr. Dario Lorenzo and his wife were the only people behind the idea until it grew into the Top Choice Boodle Fight Restaurant in the whole Metro!

Mr. Lorenzo’s motivation to open this food business was strong as he decided to break the cycle he once endured.

In a previous interview with ABS-CBN’s “My Puhunan,” he shared:

“Nung bata ako, salat sa pagkain. So yung mga magulang naming nung time nay un, may sakit sila. Tatay ko lumpo. Nanay ko may sakit sa puso.”

This successful entrepreneur now was once a janitor at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines which served as his first job after finishing high school. Eventually, he got hired as a waiter in popular restaurants in Makati and Tagaytay. But it was when he flew to Abu Dhabi and promoted as captain water then later as a supervisor that he was able to fund his business now.

“Ang iniisip kong itayo ay ying pang-masa. Yung hindi mahirap ibenta, Kaya ng mahirap, gusto din ng mayaman. Lorenzo explained.”

And what else would perfectly fit these requirements than a food business. With these factors in mind and his previous bosses as his inspiration, Mr. Lorenzo launched his very first branch of Dario’s Grill Boodle Fight in Suki Market.

Of course, the grill didn’t sell at first but with his strong determination to make it big in this industry, he didn’t give up and guess what? After 9 years of operation, he now has total of 4 branches that serves thousands of people every month!
Now, down to their menu, let’s look into some of your mouthwatering boodle fight menu options at Dario’s Grill. All are 100 percent fresh and affordable.

D1 Package is priced at PhP 295. It consists of 3 cups of rice, Bangus, Lechon kawali, Stuffed squid, Talong, Okra, and Itlog na pula. This size can be shared between 2-3 pax.

Next is the D2 Package which is priced at Php 335. It has 3 cups of rice, Lechon kawali, Pancit canton, Bangus, Toge, Talong, Okra, and Itlog na pula. This meal is enough to fill up 2-3 pax.

D3 Package is a bit bigger and pricier at 415php. You’ll get here 3 cups of rice, Lechon kawali, Bangus, Shrimps, Talong, Okra, Itlog na pula, Toge, and Pancit canton for you and 2 of your friends.

D4 Package is priced at php 435. At this price, you can already indulge to Porkchop, Bangus, Talong, Stuffed squid, Shrimps, Itlog na pula and loads of rice for 3 people.

D5 Package is at the same price of Php 435. You will get something different, though, having the chance to enjoy 3 cups of rice, Papaitan, Okra, Itlog na Pula, Bangus, Tortang Talong, Lechon Kawali, and Toge! Invite 2 of your friends to share this with.

D6 Package costs only PhP 615 but you’ll get a feast consisting of Dinakdakan, Stuffed Squid, Bangus, Lechon Kawali, Talong, Okra, Pork Adobo, and Rice you can share with 2-3 friends.

And the last – the D7 Package. This menu costs PhP 680 but you’ll get the biggest meal which includes Pancit Canton, Longanisa, Lumpiang Shanghai, Bangus, Talong, Itlog na Pula, Shrimp, and Rice. And this is good for 3-4 people!
Sulit meals indeed!

If you wish to experience this feast too, you can visit Dario’s Grill at 1033 Maceda Street,Zone 050, Brgy 504, Sampaloc, 1008 Manila.

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