#CrispyFryPlayDay puts fun twist on family bonding

Crispy Fry®, the country’s number one breading mix brand, hosted the #CrispyFryPlayDay to introduce its newest product, Crispy Fry® Shake! Shake! Shake!, to a new generation of parents and kids last February 24, 2018 at Trampoline Park.

An exciting alternative to the usual sit-down press gathering, #CrispyFryPlayDay also provided an opportunity for members of the media to make it a more involved family affair. Together with their kids and loved ones, guests gamely jumped into the giant foam pit, played trampoline-style basketball, and learned free jump techniques.

Participants were introduced to Crispy Fry® Shake! Shake! Shake!® which puts an exciting twist to the family’s favorite Crispy Fry® fried chicken with the addition of three new flavor mixes: Parmesan Cheese, Smokey Barbecue, and Savory Seaweed.

Justine Pasco, Senior Brand Assistant for Crispy Fry®, shared with media guests that the three variants are made with the same top-secret spice and seasonings formula that the brand is known for. “We provide only the best quality by using choice flours and starches blended specifically to provide crispiness combined with a special mix of herbs and spices for the perfect seasoning for fried dishes.”

Crispy Fry® celebrity endorser, Donna Cruz-Larrazabal, brought along her young sons – Cian and Gio – to join in on the fun as well. For the Cebu-based actress-singer, wife, and mom, events like #CrispyFryPlayDay are one of the many ways she and her husband can spend time with their three kids amidst school activities and work schedules.

Like other Filipino families, Donna’s own brood makes time for a movie-and-dinner date every week. When staying in, she likes to cook Belle, Cian, and Gio’s favorites with chicken tenders as one of their most requested dishes. “Yung favorite nilang chicken tenders, mas naging exciting kasi we can now use Crispy Fry® Shake! Shake! Shake! in Parmesan Cheese, Smokey Barbecue, and Savory Seaweed.”

With jump time over, guests were treated to a cooking demonstration of the signature Crispy Fry® fried chicken wings in Parmesan Cheese by Ajinomoto’s resident chef, Jeffrey Chang.

Sofia Conejos, Culinary Networking and Communication Manager of Ajinomoto, also gave helpful tips on how to deal with kids who are picky eaters. As a licensed nutritionist-dietitian, she emphasized the need to include nutritious food in their kids’ diets in any way parents can. It can be as simple as involving them in the cooking process and serving vegetables alongside their favorite fried dishes.

As the #CrispyFryPlayDay came to a close, media friends and their families went home with happy hearts and tummies – a satisfying end to what was a fun-filled day.

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