How to Correct Birth Certificate Typo Errors in the Philippines


Some mistakes need proper dealings and public documents are no exemption. You may live with a little mishap on your papers for a short while but soon you have to fix what damage there is.

Birth certificate, first and foremost, is one document that needs to be wholly correct. Otherwise, there might be a lot of problem that may come along the way. So if you have a little correcting to do with your birth certificate, now is the time to do that.

Correct typo errors or change first name/ nickname in the civil register without having to go in court. Republic Act (RA) 9048 authorizes the city or municipal civil registrar or the consul general to correct a clerical or typographical error in an entry and/or change the first name or nickname in the civil register without the need of a judicial order.

Before filling to correct an entry in the civil registry, for your birth certificate, you should know what the allowed corrections are. And then you can proceed.

What are the allowed corrections according to RA 9048?

  • Correction of clerical or typographical errors in an entry in civil registry documents, except corrections involving the change in sex, age, nationality and status of a person.
  • Change of a person’s first name in his/her civil registry document under certain grounds specified under the law through administrative process.

These grounds include the following:

  • The petitioner finds the first name or nickname to be ridiculous, tainted with dishonor or extremely difficult to write or pronounce;
  • The new first name or nickname has been habitually and continuously used by the petitioner and he has been publicly known by that first name or nickname in the community; or,
  • The change will avoid confusion.

Now that you know what the allowed corrections are, prepare the supporting documents required for correcting an entry in a civil registry document/ changing of first name.

What supporting documents are required for correcting a clerical or typographical error in a civil registry document?

  • Certified machine copy of the certificate containing the alleged erroneous entry or entries
  • Not less than two (2) public or private documents upon which the correction shall be based. Examples of these documents are the following: baptismal certificate, voter’s affidavit, employment record, GSIS/SSS record, medical record, school record, business record, driver’s license, insurance, land titles, certificate of land transfer, bank passbook, NBI/police clearance, civil registry records of ascendants, and others.
  • Notice and Certificate of Posting
  • Certified machine copy the Official Receipt of the filing fee
  • Other documents as may be required by the City/Municipal Civil Registrar (C/MCR)

What are the supporting papers for change of first name?

  • All the documents required of the petitioner for the correction of clerical error shall also be required of the petitioner for change of first name.
  • Clearance from authorities such as clearance from employer, if employed; the National Bureau of Investigation; the Philippine National Police; and other clearances as may be required by the concerned C/MCR.
  • Proof of Publication. An affidavit of publication from the publisher and copy of the newspaper clippings should be attached.

Pay your filling fees at the City/Municipal Civil Registrar (C/MCR) or the District/Circuit Registrar (D/CR).

  • One thousand pesos (Php 1,000.00) for the correction of clerical error
  • Three thousand pesos (Php 3,000.00) for the change of first name

For more information, check out NSO’s website at

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