Cooking delicious and nutritious meals with the SAMSUNG Smart Oven

Parents can create hearty snacks for the kids with the Samsung Smart Oven

The Samsung Smart Oven is the homemakers’ perfect partner in making nutritious dishes and snacks for the whole family. Food took center stage over the holidays, but the epic gastronomic experiences don’t have to end with the season. Now that Christmas break is over and children are heading back to school, parents can whip up meals as scrumptious as their holiday feasts with this multi-functional appliance. It’s packed with ingenious features that ensure quick and even cooking while preserving food’s nutritional values, so kids can enjoy delectable food.

Parents can explore all the possibilities for their little ones’ baon and make their lunch breaks as exciting and nourishing, starting with these suggested recipes.

  1. Roast chicken

A healthy source of protein, roast chicken is a versatile dish that can be served in many ways. Chop it up and mix it with fried rice, make a yummy chicken and vegetable sandwich, or make fun chicken strips with extra sauce.

With the Smart Oven’s Hot Blast™ technology, roast chicken comes out crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. This dynamic appliance also comes with a Wide Grill that lets users cook food more evenly by ensuring consistent heat distribution, allowing them to enjoy perfectly grilled and browned chicken every time.

  1. Grilled fish

Parents can introduce heart-healthy omega-3 to their kids’ diet with juicy grilled salmon or tuna. Rub the fish with herbs before cooking for a refreshing taste, or coat it with teriyaki sauce for a sweet and meaty flavor.

It’s easy to cook this tasty dish with the Smart Oven’s grill feature. Home cooks can just place the marinated fish on the high rack that comes with the appliance, press the Grill button, and set the grilling time. In just 60 minutes or less, they’ll get a flavorful serving of healthy and evenly cooked meal.     

  1. Healthy pizza

Mom and dad can add a fun twist to this popular Italian dish by topping sliced bread with baked vegetables (such as bell pepper and eggplants), mushrooms, tomato sauce, and cheese. They can also add pesto or nuts for added flavor and crunch.

The Smart Oven comes with ten Hot Blast™ Auto features that provide pre-programmed cooking times for many great tasting dishes, including homemade pizza. Users can simply assemble their ingredients on the Oven’s Crusty plate and select the setting for their dish. After just a few minutes, they’ll get pizza with a crispy crust, perfectly melted cheese, and thoroughly-cooked toppings.

  1. Crispy chips

The Slim Fry™ Technology reduces the amount of oil parents will need to create easy snacks. They can chop up sweet potatoes or carrots and turn them into healthy crisps. For best results, they can opt to use olive or sunflower oil.

  1. Fruity desserts

There’s nothing like a healthy dessert to complete a kid’s baon. With the Smart Oven’s Fermentation Function, mom can bake her own bread or create homemade yogurt. Transform bananas into fluffy muffins, or chop them up together with apples and berries for a filling yogurt snack.

The Samsung Smart Oven’s ECO Mode reduces electricity consumption with its low standby power. When not in use, it uses minimal energy to maintain its basic functions.

The Samsung Smart Oven is available in all authorized dealers nationwide. What’s more, consumers can get this premium home partner for up to 20 percent less, plus eVouchers from 18 exciting travel brands and dining destinations, with Samsung Digital Appliances’ Merrier Christmas Deals. The promo runs until January 31, 2019.

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