Converse: The perfect gift for everybody


With the fast-paced environment, thinking of a perfect gift for you or for a loved one is harder than ever.

Anyone would want to pick a gift that is trendy and timeless both at the same time—something flexible that even after some time, the gift would still be useful.

When looking for a gift, you don’t have to go that far. Whether you’re picking for a family member, a friend, an exchange gift, or even yourself, a Converse outlet has something for everybody.

Converse offers a wide array of sneaker designs this season that will surely match your preference for flexible styles of footwear.

Over the years, Converse has introduced a plethora of sneaker designs fit for all – women, men, kids, name it and they have already designed it.


The brand has also stamped a timeless mark into the market for its classic construction wherein a consumer can easily identify a pair even amid a sea of available sneakers.

But lo and behold, the changing times demand for changing trends.

People are keener about designs now after decades of impeccable yet unpredictable trends hitting the waves.

Converse answers this inevitable cycle of fashion by bringing in the Converse Jack Purcell Ox.

Staying true to its advocacy of avoiding rehash of designs, this collection is in line of their up and coming inventive designs fit for all group ages.

Generally, the Fall 2014 Converse Jack Purcell sneaker collection boasts a core texture perfect for the season. It also has printed details, premium, and weatherized fabrics which are more refined than ever.

The subtle stitching is another highlight, exuding that aura of effortless and relaxed yet inventive style with a touch of modern craftsmanship.

Particularly, the Jack Purcell Ox spearheads the new designs.

Its promising basic colors are far-flung from the typical sneakers out there due to its brushed textile upper with a tight, water-resistant weave designed for the colder climate.

This low-cut stunner is available in colors of wild honey, terrarosa, and old silver – perfect for those who opt for lighter shades instead of the darker hues.

On top of it all, the sneakers sit on a comfy cork bed with the signature Jack Purcell blue bottoms and smile toe cap.

Sneaker heads who are innately fascinated with footwear such as this will appreciate the sophistication brought about by the new details.

And we all know what they say – anything that is classy will fit to any occasion there is.

The Jack Purcell collection is of flexible use. Wear it to any social functions, may it be casual or formal, take it outdoors, wear it indoors, or even drip it to any weather and it will not deteriorate its quality.

For starters, the Jack Purcell Cross Stitch is made using sophisticated leather in hues of twilight, tobacco black, Converse charcoal, and bordo.

Perfect for a good night-out or bar hopping, it also has a brand new blue Jack Purcell stitching on the tongue and square wax cotton laces with brass eyelets to elevate the classic sneaker.

The approaching chilly weather is also not a problem with the Jack Purcell Split Tongue which promises additional comfort through its wool inner lining.

Those planned out-of-town getaways will be possible as these stylish sneakers are also water resistant and exude more warmth despite being leather.

It is available in the colors of warmstone, rusty, Converse black, and bordo.

Lastly, explore all possibilities and make the most out of your day with the Jack Purcell Mid.

This mid cut sneaker can be worn with a good pair of shorts and it comes in rusty, black, and admiral.

One can navigate more comfortably and freely for any occasion they eye on.

This sneaker is also leather in nature with aluminum eyelets and a cork foot bed along with the Jack Purcell signature blue bottom and smile details.

These brand new details surely add sophistication to the Fall Holiday’s 2014 Jack Purcell collection. Trust the brand and it will compensate you with a flexible usage in any event you embark on.

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