Converge ICT Upgrades the Filipino Web Experience by Upgrading Plan Speeds For Free

The country’s premier fiber internet provider further cements its reputation as the Digital Game Changer by introducing one of the most important product rosters upgrades the Philippine telco industry have ever seen.

Starting December 6, 2018, Converge ICT subscribers of 50 to 100 Mbps plans will receive a free upgrade to 75 to 120 Mbps. Also, existing subscribers of FiberX 1500Plus will have an add-on speed of 10MBPS for only 99 pesos. And to give more excitement Converge ICT is giving the add-on speed FREE for 1-month for all its 1500 existing subscribers who will avail until January 31, 2019.

These upgraded product offerings allow the consumers to maximize the country’s only symmetrical download-upload internet service. With higher speeds, all Converge home subscribers will definitely enjoy more digital activities, get equipped with more-than-sufficient network requirements as demanded by current technologies and just plainly experience better. From gamers to bloggers, to work-from-home professionals, all data-intensive tasks are made easier and more meaningful.

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