Clorox Philippines recognizes economic front liners

Clorox and J&T Express pays tribute to its 10,000 riders and couriers as modern heroes

As the country struggles with the economic fallout brought about by the pandemic, courier companies have become an important means to ensure that not only do people continue to get access to much-needed goods, but that vital economic activity is maintained through job-generation and consumer spending.

According to the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA), the estimated long-run total cost of the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantines for present and future generations of Filipinos is estimated at 41.4 trillion pesos. It was also estimated by the NEDA that the total loss due to lower consumption is 4.5 trillion pesos.

Another key finding of the study is that workers’ productivity will also be lower due to untimely death, illness, and lack of face-to-face schooling. The impact of these on productivity is likely to be permanent over the next 40 years or the average number of years a person is expected to work in his or her lifetime.

However, courier services such as J&T Express, one of the country’s leading courier companies, continue to drive economic activity. This kind of service has become one of the robust business at the time of the COVID-19 Pandemic in the Philippines as the people diverted to buying online because of the community quarantine that is being implemented to prevent the widespread of the virus.

“We recognize the important role J&T Express’ many riders play in not only keeping the flow of goods and services uninterrupted but also in keeping economic activity going,” said Monique Gonzales, Marketing Manager for Clorox Southeast Asia. “This is our way of paying tribute to these economic front liners because of the tireless work they perform.”

In support of these efforts, Clorox Philippines, one the country’s renowned consumer goods companies, recently partnered with J&T Express Philippines in recognition of the work its riders and staff continue to do for the public through the courier company’s “J&T Heroes” award where J&T Express pays tribute to its riders.

Clorox gave boxes containing Clorox Expert Disinfecting Wipes, Prestone Brake Fluid & Prestone Coolant for use of J&T Express’ 10,000 riders throughout the country to enable safe and germ-free deliveries.

“We thank Clorox for their support in recognizing and rewarding our many couriers and riders in these challenging times,” said Zoe Chi, Vice President of J&T Express Philippines. “We at J&T Express Philippines value the work Clorox does to ensure the health and safety of the public by guaranteeing that our couriers are also safe so they can continue to do their duties and help maintain the country’s economic activity.”

Clorox also encourages Filipinos to continue following the health protocols and the best practices during the pandemic. “While the National Government is doing its part to contain the COVID-19 infection, we, at home together with other institutions, must do our part in keeping and promoting hygienic and safer public spaces by regularly cleaning and disinfecting our surroundings,” said Paulo Lao, Sales and Marketing Director for Clorox Southeast Asia.

Clorox International’s partnership with J&T Express is in line with its Safer Today Program, an initiative formed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic where the company works with local government units, hospitals and healthcare providers, and transport companies to make it safer for the public, thus, allowing the Philippines to move forward.

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