Christina Perri’s Video of Song “The Words” Features Actor Colin O’Donoghue

Christina releases the video of her new single “The Words” from underrated sophomore LP Head or Heart.

In this song which runs on a contemplative mood, Perri is with Once Upon A Time Actor actor Colin O’Donoghue. The song ruminates on love, loss and letting go but with a twist in the story being portrayed in the video.

One may think that Perri, being seen wherever O’Donoghue is — whether tending the orchids, chopping the wood, or taking a bath — was a ghost of the guy’s past. But upon seeing the end of the music video, we will see that every moment just led to them meeting each other in a flower shop.

The video has its own mystery and depth that one can assert his own interpretation of the song.

Watch the video and find out how will you interpret it.

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