Cebu Pacific Get Go: Your Shopping Itinerary In The New Normal

Cebu Pacific Get Go Your Shopping Itinerary In The New Normal-APPROVED

New normal? Here are a couple of things you may need to face in this new journey.

Our departure from the old normal has signaled a lot of lifestyle changes for us. From simple practices like always wearing a mask, to a drastic change in our routine like being in home quarantine, our lives have not been the same. But with the right tools, we can keep up with the changes still happening around us. With CEB GetGo Debit Card, you can easily shop all you need for the new normal and earn GetGo points for your next dream getaway, as every P100 spend give you 1 GetGo point!

Cebu Pacific Get Go Your Shopping Itinerary In The New Normal-APPROVED

Online Shopping Itinerary

  1. Mobile Load – Php 300 – Easily communicate while you’re on an errand. Make sure your phone has enough Load. Loading up can also help you stay in touch with your loved ones while separated due to some quarantine restrictions.
  1. Food for Furbabies – Php 500 – Keep their health strong. Shop your furbaby’s essentials and favorite treats online.
  1. Streaming Site Subscription – Php 400 – How will you coast through the looooooong days at home? Catch up with the latest shows and movies! Your steaming subscription will be your lifesaver for those boring days stuck at home.
  1. Skincare Essentials – Php 700 – Just because you don’t get to go out, doesn’t mean your skin care game should take a hit. Stock up on your skincare regimen and keep your skin on point!
  1. Wireless Mouse and Keyboard – Php 2,500 – Boost your daily work from home productivity with the latest peripherals!
  2. Food Deliveries – Php 1,000 – Don’t forget to treat yourself! You’ve worked hard and did a good job with planning your finances! You deserve to satisfy your cravings. Don’t have a CEB GetGo Debit Card yet? Now is the perfect time to get yours! New CEB GetGo Debit Cardholders can get a P100 voucher from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf when you spend P2000 with your new card.

Terms and conditions apply. Click here for more details.

Mobile LoadPhp 3003 GetGo points
Food for furbabiesPhp 5005 GetGo points
Streaming Site SubscriptionPhp 4004 GetGo points
Skincare EssentialsPhp 7007 GetGo points
Wireless Mouse and KeyboardPhp 250025 GetGo points
Food DeliveriesPhp 1,00010 GetGo points
Total Amount: Php 5,400Total of 54 GetGo points earned

In-Store shopping itinerary

  1. Grocery – Php 8,000 – With a longer time between grocery visits, we must have grocery supplies to last us, and to also limit the number of times that we go outside. Grab enough food and other essentials that are enough for at least 2 weeks to minimize going out. Don’t forget to stock up on sanitation supplies too!
  1. Home Office Furniture – Php 5,000 – Upgrade your home office to make it more suitable for your long work from home hours. Grab a comfy chair and desk to keep you hustling through the work week.
  1. Vitamins and Medication – Php 1,000 – Strengthen your first line of defense. Stock up on vitamins to build up your immunity! Improve the function of your immune cells and antibodies with Vitamin C.
GroceryPhp 8,00080 GetGo points
Home Office FurniturePhp 5,00050 GetGo points
Vitamins and MedicationPhp 1,00010 GetGo points
Total Amount: Php 14,000Total of 140 GetGo points earned

Where can your GetGo points take you?

Notice the points you’ve accumulated? Every Php 100 spend with your Cebu Pacific GetGo Debit Card gets 1 GetGo point. Now see how far you can go.

Imagine how much more points you can earn when you use your Cebu Pacific GetGo Debit Card for every purchase you make. You can even get a 10% year-round discount on points when you redeem Cebu Pacific flights. Save up for your dream destination while spending for your new normal essentials!

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