Card Payment Partners Pass On Fees To GCash: How To Get Free Cash In?

Starting July 6, 2020, Card Payment Partners of GCash are imposing convenience fee for cash in made using linked Visa/MasterCard cards. This transaction through card linking refers to cashing in by using your bank’s card that uses the Visa or Mastercard’s network.  The convenience fee for every transaction will be 2.58% of the total amount to be cashed in every transaction. This fee is a direct imposition of GCash’s card payment partners.

What's the 2.58% transaction charge?

What you should really know as the GCash user is that all fees that will be charged on you will all go directly to your bank or the card payment partner of GCash. As such, this transaction fee will not benefit nor profit GCash in anyway. But if you think cashing in with a convenience fee is quite inconvenient? Do not worry for GCash got you covered as it offers you free cash-in through bank account linking and Instapay.

Can i cash-in for free?

If you are a BPI or UnionBank user and you have linked that bank account directly to your GCash account, you can easily cash in anytime and anywhere without a cost! Yes, you read that right! When your bank account is directly linked to your GCash account, you can avoid the pass-on of fees by card payment partners and enjoy free cash-in.

No BPI, Unionbank? No Problem with Instapay!

But wait, there’s more! You can also cash-in for free thru Instapay. As long as your bank supports the Instapay network, you can cash-in to your GCash account at no expense. Want to know how this works?

Check this out:

GCash For The Win!

With all these options, GCash has definitely thought of you and values you as a consumer. With 70,000 partner merchants nationwide, and with lower transaction charges than other mobile charges, GCash is still the best mobile wallet in the market. Plus, it also offers you value added services like GCredit, GSave and GInvest.

And if that is not enough? GCash also presents you a convenient way of paying your bills online with GCash Pay Bills and do your bank money transfers through GCash Bank Transfers. So relax your mind and trust that GCash knows and does everything to really make your life easier!

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