By boosting immunity, Premium HyC150 gives you a healthy, youthful glow

Every woman yearns to have a sure and lasting way to attain and maintain a youthful and healthy looking skin. Premium HyC150, with its complete nutrients that boost the body’s immune system and repair its cells, helps her achieve her dreams.

A breakthrough collagen drink from Japan, Premium HyC150 has the complete range of all the essential vitamins and minerals that the body needs to regain after losing them to ageing and stress.

Starting at age 20, a woman begins to lose her skin’s essential nutrients for two reasons – age and stress related to work and the environment, says Dr. Rodolfo Apostol, an expert on Aesthetics Sciences and Skin Medicine. He said women, especially those at the peak of their career and child rearing stage should start to take Premium HyC150 collagen drink.

Dr. Apostol noted the rising number of women who work in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPOs) that require working late at night and exposure to unhealthy fast food. A lot of BPO employees including women are also found to have developed the unhealthy habits of smoking and drinking that further deteriorate their skin and vital organs.

“Women who change sleep patterns and those who smoke and drink face advance skin aging and prone to have weak immune systems that will lead to sickness,” said Dr. Apostol. He said 10 p.m. up to 3 a.m. is the time when the body’s immune system undergo repair. But this is also the time where BPO employees doing night shifts are at work to synchronize with their clients’ time abroad.

“The more these BPO employees need to take Premium HyC150 collagen drink to allow their body’s immune system to repair so they can maintain their healthy, youthful skin and body,” said Dr. Apostol. He stressed that being busy with work should not be an excuse not to maintain one’s health and body.

Thanks to Fine Japan Co. Ltd. for its scientific breakthrough in developing Premium HyC150, which works wonders for women because it has high contents of hyaluronic acid (HA), ubiquinol and collagen, plus a good dose of vitamin C that are all essential to regain the youthful and healthy glow of your skin. Besides these essential nutrients, Premium HyC150 has high collagen content in nano form, a unique feature of the product that is easy to absorb by the body.

Collagen is needed to maintain the “structural scaffolds of tissues and organs.” But as people age, they lose those scaffolds that cause the skin to sag, thin and wrinkle. Premium HyC150 is also the only collagen drink that has 100 mg of the essential vitamin C needed by the body to fight infection and strengthen the immune system.

As women age, their metabolism slows down causing them to look fat and sluggish, he said. But thanks again to Premium HyC150 because it contains CoQ10 (ubiquinol) that addresses endocrine problems caused by aging.

Premium HyC150 also works wonders for women as it contains pearl coix, an ancient medical formula used by women in Japan during the 16th and 17th centuries to maintain healthy skin, nails and hair.

Pearl coix is derived from the herb coix used by women in Japan and later followed by those in China and Korea to attain a beautiful and lighter skin. Women from these countries were encouraged to eat coix as cereal grain, making it a regular practice to improve and lighten complexion.

The use of coix by the Japanese is also to remedy stiffness of limbs and early stage of arthritis. Fine Japan Co. Ltd. then developed the pearl coix powder as an active content of Premium HyC150 to brighten skin and promote healthy hair and nails.

Dr. Apostol also said that pearl coix has anti-allergy properties that can be used for treating skin diseases, such as acne and other swellings. He said the coix seed contains anti-allergy properties that can be used to help remedy serious skin problems such as allergic dermatitis. “A beautiful skin is a person’s reflection of a healthy and youthful body. It’s high time that women take the Premium HyC150 to achieve not just a lighter complexion but youthful, healthy skin and body.”

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