Tips for prospective homeowners in search of budget-friendly homes

Everyone aspires to have a home they can call their own. But not everyone gets to see this dream come true. Most ordinary Filipino workers, for instance, believe that owning a home is beyond their reach. They are anxious about getting into debt and this fear deters them from taking the first big step towards achieving their dream.

For this reason, top mass housing developer BRIA Homes has made it easy for ordinary Filipinos to own a home. It created a formula: Affordability (Mura) + Superior Quality (Dekalidad) = a beautiful BRIA Home for Every Filipino. For as low as Php 1,897 a month, and through flexible payment options such as PAG-IBIG and bank financing, even blue collar workers can acquire a BRIA house and lot package or condominium unit.

BRIA Homes

However, there are other factors to consider before taking the next big step: choosing which home to buy. Here, then, are a few tips that can help make purchasing a house a positive experience for all aspiring homeowners:

First, pick a stylishly designed and well-laid-out home that best suits the needs of your family. Condominium units and house and lot packages vary in sizes and features. Knowing what you need before buying a home can help you make the right choice.  

Second, choose a strategically located home. Your place of residence must be within convenient distance to schools, hospitals, churches, and retail establishments. For ease in travel, your community must likewise have access to major roads and highways. Such features will save you time, energy, and precious resources.

Third, make sure that your home is part of a safe and secure community. It must have a guarded entrance, perimeter walls, and 24/7 CCTV cameras—amenities that guarantee your family’s well-being at all times.

Fourth, your community must offer recreational facilities such as a basketball court and a kiddie play area—and lots of green spaces for residents to stroll around.

It may seem a challenge to find all these positive features and offerings in one mass-housing development, but BRIA Homes makes it possible and achievable for all ordinary Filipinos out there who aspire to have their own home.

To date, BRIA Homes has built over 50 housing projects spread across progressive towns and cities in the country.

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