BPO Trends amidst Digital Transformation

In the digital age, more and more companies turn to business processes that can meet the demands of increasingly digitally-minded customers. Instead of simply carrying out a business process, many BPO companies are expanding their end-to-end solutions from consulting to the use of analytics as well as cognitive technologies, and eventually to implement more digital solutions that are tailored-fit to clients’ specific needs.

Here are some trends in the BPO industry, driven by business process service providers’ growing role as strategic partners that support clients’ digital transformation:

  1. Digital transformation in data management is cost-efficient and is, therefore, becoming a vital part of customers’ infrastructure. Digital transformation will also reduce engagement teams and so people will be redirected into doing more decision-making tasks.
  2. Even though technological advancements constantly introduce new solutions, customers still look for providers who add value to the business rather than provide services at lower costs. Companies will look for BPO partners who offer innovative services, with the best infrastructure, industry knowledge, and competent people.
  3. Digital transformation creates and enables new opportunities. Businesses are investing more on firms that will redesign their existing processes into digital and automaton-based ones. BPO firms will need to step up in combining design, tech, business, and re-imagination in their consulting and advisory front end.
  4. With constant shifts among industries and the fast-paced demand of consumers, many BPO companies are gearing to provide a holistic spectrum of services from digital and process to operations capabilities. Giving industry-specific insights are expected, and so teams working around process expertise, industry knowledge, consulting, technology, and data science will need to collaborate more closely together.
  5. Investing in people determines the success of BPO companies. Now more than ever, people are gaining ground as the primary asset of firms particularly with the advent of digital transformation. Top talents are challenged to be always on their toes in adapting to the volatility of industries and take the necessary risks. People will remain to be the competitive edge of BPO companies as soft skills and human capabilities first and foremost redefine and create value for clients, and then enhance their digital experience.

One firm that notably invests on its people is Teledirect Group, a premium BPO company that is notable for its award-winning employee engagement and retention programs. Its “Be Happier” corporate mantra binds the company’s commitment to continuously be an employer of choice, backed by the principle that it is the people who orchestrate seamless customer experience before innovative, market-driven solutions complete what’s needed to enable digital transformation and increase competitiveness. Follow www.facebook.com/teledirect.philippines for more information on Teledirect Philippines.

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