Birch Tree inspires front-liner heroes to boost immunity, protect health

Recognizing frontliners as today’s modern heroes, Birch Tree has partnered with key hospitals in Metro Manila with the aim to help them defend public health during this pandemic.

The Birch Tree team provided medical kits dubbed “Lakas Depensa Bags” to the medical staff of East Avenue Medical Center (EAMC) and the Philippine General Hospital (PGH).

Each bag contains basic everyday necessities for the nurses, doctors, laboratory technicians, etc. but the most important one is the pack of Birch Tree Adult boost, the newest milk formulation with immunity support nutrients Vitamin C, Zinc, and Iron.

Birch Tree Adult Boost Spokesperson Ray Guinoo, Marketing Director of Century Pacific Food – Dairy Division, says they chose to give out the Lakas Depensa kit to the medical frontliners because they are the everyday heroes working hard to protect our communities and keep us all healthy and safe during these difficult times.

“We thought of them first because the ones who need the first defense really are our frontliners. We started to roll-out in a few hospitals that are highly exposed to COVID-19 patients, and therefore most of the medical staff are exhausted, so they need to drink the milk which is inside the Lakas Depensa kits that can help boost their immune systems and continue to stay healthy, so that they can continue their important work in the community, keeping everyone healthy,” says Guinoo.

According to one of the nursing staff in the PGH pediatric ward, “This is a very kind gesture, recognizing that we work long, tiring hours in difficult conditions, and our own immune systems are pushed to the max, someone is concerned with our health. And we are grateful for that”.

EAMC is among the designated government hospitals treating COVID-19, where most medical staff cover double shifts, and getting more than four hours of sleep is already a luxury.

Lack of sleep lowers the body’s defense system and when immunity is low, coupled with exposure in a vulnerable environment, the probability of getting sick gets higher.

“This is a reminder that drinking milk, which is good, to nourish our body and that defending our immunity should become a habit. We almost always have little time to eat as well. So, milk is a good in-between meals”, said one consultant who just finished his round when he was handed the Lakas Depensa kit.

Although the smiles were not visible with their facemasks on, most of the medical staff wrote down their “thank you” notes and asked to be photographed so that their gratitude can be expressed to the Birch Tree team who prepared the kits themselves.

Birch Tree’s newest brand song, “Handa Ka Na”, clearly sends an inspiring message to prepare to set out to the new normal. The threat of COVID-19 continues, but when you are physically well to defend your health, you can continue to protect your family, livelihood, and community.

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