Big Mac Lifestyle Collection By McDonald’s for “imlovinit24” Campaign

Are you a Big Mac fan? Like a super fan that you wanted a collection of anything with Big Mac on it? Well, good news for you. McDonald’s just disclosed a new range of lifestyle products with your favorite Big Mac on it.

This is a part of their ongoing “imlovinit24” campaign featuring marketing stunts across 24 cities in 24 hours.

The lifestyle collection includes rain boots, rain jackets, tights, pajamas, bedsheets, and yes, if you want a wallpaper of Big Mac, they have it.

Pieces of these lifestyle collection is available on the Big Mac Shop with prices ranging from 399 kr (approximately 1780 PHP) to 495 kr (approximately 2600 PHP).

So if you are indeed a Big Mac fan, you better not allow yourself to be left out. Grab your favorite Big Mac design on their Big Mac lifestyle collection.

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