Best Look Forward: Huawei MateBook 14s 2021 boasts top-tier Flagship Design

It comes as no surprise that the introduction of new devices in the market creates excitement and talk within the tech community on what to possibly expect. Most often than not, when tech brands release new products, they would choose between upgrading their software and tech or improving its design and color––prioritizing only one upgrade over the other. However, this is not the case with the latest Huawei MateBook 14s, deemed as LAPTOP + in the market.

Huawei’s newest addition to the MateBook family combines a beautiful design with a powerful and innovative performance that goes beyond expectations for a flagship laptop. Targeting professionals and highflyers, the HUAWEI MateBook 14s 2021 comes in a fresh design and distinctive colourway making it the perfect productivity companion to last you a lifetime.

The ergonomic design of the LAPTOP + provides comfort in your hands as each edge of the HuaweiI MateBook 14s is sharpened in every angle, making the device look sleek and smart. In addition to this, it’s lightweight design brings in extra portability for when you’re on the go as the whole device weighs approximately 1.43kg and the thickest part measures about 16.7mm, giving the laptop a thin look that is pleasing to the eyes.

To live up to its premium design, only the best processes were chosen by Huawei’s lab to bring the whole laptop to life. The device underwent a CNC diamond cut process which is commonly used for high-end products such as diamonds and watches. The whole process uses extremely hard tools to cut at a high speed and polish at the same time to bring more detail and finer texture to the product. Through the beautiful CNC diamond cut edges, the Huawei MateBook 14s was given an unpolished CNC texture on the bottom edge for a more luxurious look.

But of course, the craftsmanship and beauty of the Huawei MateBook 14s is not only about how it looks but how it feels. The surface of the LAPTOP + underwent a 150 grit sandblasting process for a smooth, polished and metallic finish. Sandblasting particles to a finer finish allows the surface to feel comfortable and soothing when holding it in your hands.

The LAPTOP + intricate design is definitely eye-candy for every user as it lights up one’s work space with its newest Spruce Green color as seen on Pia Wurtzbach’s latest post flaunting her WFH set-up. This unique shade was created by Huawei designers to represent prosperity and thriving life for every owner. Its metallic chassis gives out a colour finish that reflects different shades of green under different lighting, giving that premium look and feel to it. Huawei offers office workers, students, freelancers and others a new and exciting option with this fresh color option. However, if you’re interested in more neutral colors, the MateBook 14s also comes in a calm space grey and elegant mystic silver bringing that classic look and feel to match your personality, just like Kylie Versoza seen chilling with her very own MateBook 14s 2021 in the elegant mystic silver colorway. Either way, these colors definitely give something refreshing to look at to get through a long day of tasks.

There are many factors that go into making a laptop standout and if you’re looking for a device that offers great performance, design and premium feel all packed into one, the Huawei MateBook 14s is just for you. This newest addition to the MateBook Family, deemed as LAPTOP + provides a new generation of PCs that offer solutions to every modern tech need and as its moniker suggests, it definitely is a plus to attain a device that meets and exceeds your expectations everyday.

Get to know more details and offers about the Huawei MateBook 14s 2021 by visiting the official HUAWEI Online Product Page. And to get the latest product news, offers, and services on all things Huawei, HUAWEI fans may download the My HUAWEI App. Besides updates, fans can interact with social artists, community leaders and fellow fans in the Huawei Community. The app is available to Huawei devices with EMUI8.0 and above.

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