Beauty tips to stay gorgeous in summer

Summer sun can damage your skin, but you can prevent it reading our tips for great protection and amazing look.

Easy summer tips to stay beautiful and fresh

Summer may seem a great time of year until it goes about cosmetics. Needless to say that your makeup can start melting because of extremely hot weather. Apart from this, harmful UV rays make both skin and hair extremely dry. That’s why in summer you need special protection to stay healthy and good-looking. We have gathered some useful tips that will help you to protect your skin and hair when it’s hot outside.

  1. Use sun protection for your skin. You should buy a protective sunscreen with SPF 30 or even more. In addition, try to take sun protection pills that would prevent wrinkling and brown spots. If you are spending time on a beach, apply sunscreen every time after you went swimming, even if they say it’s waterproof. Keep in your memory that staying on the sun for a long time without protection can burn your skin, and lead to bad things in the future.
  2. Exfoliate your skin every day. You need to remove dead cells from your skin’s surface in summer much more often compared to other seasons. That’s why summer is a great time to treat your body with scrubs every day.
  3. If you use a lipstick with SPF, you anyway should apply lip sunscreen or balm with high protection underneath. In summer your lips can become dry and cracked because of sun and heat. Needless to say it looks bad, but it’s also not good for your health. Take a special care about your lips in summer, exfoliate them with a special lip scrub, and moisture with glosses, balms, and lipsticks.
  4. Your hair can easily become dry and rough because of sun; avoid this with using special sunscreen sprays. When you go to the beach, rinse your hair with water every time after you swim to remove salt water. If you go swimming to the pool, wear a protective hat to avoid damaging by chlorine.
  5. According to the last researches, caffeine helps to reduce skin wrinkling. You can try cream with caffeine to apply after sun exposure. It will make your skin young and soft.
  6. Remember that if you use a sunscreen while sitting on the sun, it’s also important to moisture your skin after sun exposure. Choose a good moisturizer (lotion or cream), and use it every time after you have spent a lot of hours outside.
  7. Your nails can start tear and split in summer. Try to use special creams for nails to moisture them properly, and also a good idea is to take vitamin B every day. You will notice your nails become stronger even when you swim in the pool or sea every day.
  8. Shave your legs in the shower, but wait for about three minutes, this would help to get more soften shave, allowing closer cut. Moisture your legs after shave with special creams and lotions to avoid irritation.
  9. Use hand cream with retinol and kojic acid every day to avoid dry skin on your hands. Make sure you wear a sunscreen with an SPF 15 or more, because these ingredients can make your hands’ skin very sensitive.
  10. Use scrubs to exfoliate your soles and remove calluses. If you are walking barefoot on the beach, scrub and moisture your soles every day to keep them soft and beautiful. It’s better to exfoliate your heels in the shower because dead cells get soften from water, so it’s possible to remove them easily.
  11. In summer a lot of people wear hats and caps, especially on the beach. This is a great way to protect from the sun, but keep in your memory it could cause acne on your forehead because of increased oils. Just wipe your forehead with an antibacterial lotion every day to avoid pimples.
  12. If you have got a long hair, and you use hair bands often, avoid holders that contains metal. They could damage your hair easily, especially when it is wet. That’s why buy hair bands that entirely consist of snagproof but soft fabric.
  13. Apply some olive oil on your razors’ blade before shaving legs. It will help to make shaving smoother, and moisture your skin. Plus, the oil prevents rust, so the razor won’t damage your beautiful legs.

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