Bea Constantino-Glenfiddich Distillery Collab Launches Filipino-Whisky Inspired Fashion Collection

  • Fashion Stylist Bea Constantino is partnering with world-renowned original whisky distillery Glenfiddich on new collection.
  • Bea’s Glenfiddich New Dawn Philippines Collection will highlight 4 new items from clothing to accessories.
  • A social media contest is ongoing where 5 lucky participants will get a limited edition piece of the collection

Who would’ve thought that fashion and liquor can be a good combination? Well, Pinay fashion pundit Bea Constantino just turned unthinkable into an awesome reality.

With a strong desire to let the world know of the story of her heritage, she partners with global whisky brand, Glenfiddich in a 3-month collaboration, featuring the Glenfiddich New Dawn Philippines Collection. Every piece highlights a part of Bea’s hometown culture while adding inspiration from the long history of the award-winning single malt from Glenfiddich.

Bea started working on her own fashion line she called Herman & Co. in 2016. In one of her previous interviews, she said she found herself lost at one point in her styling career so she moved back to where she came from and found the ultimate inspiration that crafted her clothes she’s very proud of today.

Being known to have a colorful heritage, Bea fuses the Sulu and Zambangoan cultural costumes with modern style and comes up with exceptional pieces that are now recognized nationwide. But as she wants to promote more of her work, this new collaboration will be letting all enthusiastic social media goers to make a special participation.

Bea realized the Glenfiddich New Dawn Philippines Collection when she embarked on a whisky tour at the home of true single malt, Scotland. In her visit at the Glenfiddich Distillery which has over a century-long of rich history too, an idea stroke Bea’s creative imagination and it was just in time as Glenfiddich is celebrating trailblazers who dare to challenge conventions and push the boundaries of culture.

After working on the items that will make up the Glenfiddich New Dawn Philippines Collection, Bea and William Grant & Sons Holdings Ltd’s Glenfiddich Distillery are proud to introduce the product of local and international elements through these pieces:

  • Bomber Jacket has always been a part of Bea’s fashion collections but this new piece will be a fusion of the traditional weaves and textiles from the Yakan community and the Scottish tartan.
  • The Leather Belt Bag in this collection highlights the traditional Pis siyabit weave from the Tausug community that comes in a tweaked shape inspired by the Scottish sporran.
  • Kilt Skirt has been a trademark of Scotts but this time, the world will see it in the weaves from the Yakan community.
  • Bea’s Signet Ring is unique with a design inspired by the traditional Tausug textile called a Pis Siyabit which is a sign of the Tausug’s courage and nobility.

With these items, you are sure to look trendy while fostering nationalism. And to bring on the hype, 5 lucky fans of Glenfiddich and Bea will be given 1 limited edition Bomber Jacket each. All you have to do is to enter their social media contest which you can check on the Glenfiddich Facebook page and follow the contest rules. The campaign will run from October 31 to November 10, 2019, only so hurry up and drop your entry. Winners will be announced via Facebook on November 13.

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