Bajaj Maxima Cargo: Delivering Powerful Solutions

The economic recovery of a country equates to an improvement in the operations of local industries. A joint effort between the business, private and government sectors drive the economy’s growth and progress. And as we always say, it begins from small individual parts that escalates through perseverance and the application of a proper tool.

These sectors are best represented by the aspiring small business owners, hardworking middle managers and resilient public servants who relentlessly kept on discovering ways to move forward. Inspired by these three sectors’ ideals, Trimotors created the new cargo market categories to deliver them powerful solutions through Bajaj Maxima Cargo.

Power to EARN more: In the form of a three-wheeled business enabler, Bajaj Maxima Cargo can actualize business ideas, may it be distinctly unique or conventionally present without compromising quality, cost-efficiency, and versatility. The Bajaj Concept Truck, Bajaj Rapid Hauler and Bajaj Multi-function Van will provide limitless three-wheel opportunities to your ideas.

Power to DO more: An efficient three-wheeled transporter will exceed every fleet manager’s last-mile mobility requirement. Bajaj Maxima Cargo is the most reliable transporter that performs with high fuel-efficiency while reinforcing durability at a cost-effective manner. Bajaj Compact Delivery, a three-wheeled closed van version is the best logistics partner in delivering and carrying loads.

Power to SERVE more: Bajaj Maxima Cargo is an ideal tool for public servants to better the community’s development, operations, and public services with the help of an economically convenient and dependable partner to your frontline workforce. Three-wheeled frontline partner in the form of Bajaj Medical Transporter, Bajaj Ronda Partner, and Bajaj Fire Defender will deliver every community the best public services.

Bajaj Maxima Cargo may have its different forms and offerings, but Trimotors has established a single cause for its making – to bring every Filipinos the progress they worked hard for. Dahil sa Bajaj Maxima Cargo “Karga ka sa pag-asenso”. For more information, visit or

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