How Award-Winning Salon Hairdresser Used Being Bullied As Inspiration For Success

Broadcast journalist Karen Davila details how award-winning hairdresser and hair expert Nikki Bacay survived bullying and used his experience to motivate him to achieve his dreams this Wednesday (October 22) in “My Puhunan.”

Karen Davila features hairdresser Nikki Bacay's success story in MY PUHUNAN

Nikki, a respected entrepreneur and owner of high-end salons, had a tough childhood. As a kid, Nikki already knew he was gay, but hid the truth from his family, who later on found out along with his classmates. He was severely bullied in school and was even beaten up by his own brothers.

To get away from the pain of intolerance, Nikki left Mindoro for Manila, where he worked as a “boy” so he could finish high school .

He later found himself in Olongapo where he not only found acceptance for his sexual orientation, but also the opportunity to be a professional hairdresser.

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