Attract prosperity in the year of the Red Fire Rooster with McJim’s Lucky Wallet

Chinese New Year 2017 will mark the beginning of the Year of the Red Fire Rooster, predicted to be a year of luxury, beauty, and abundance. Geomancers or feng shui practitioners likewise reveal that this year will be beneficial to career and financial investments, making it a wise time to take advantage of income-generating opportunities.
The Year of the Red Fire Rooster is also foreseen to be an auspicious year for business transactions. Thus, the same experts deem it wise to prepare for the upcoming Chinese New Year by taking tried-and-tested steps to attract wealth and prosperity, such as owning a “lucky wallet” made by McJim Classic Leather.

If you’re now thinking of getting your lucky wallet, keep a few “lucky” tips from the feng shui experts in mind:

  • Avoid buying or using a second-hand wallet. The previous owner’s energy remains in the wallet and may affect your own energy when you use it, leaving you uncertain if it carries good or bad luck.

Instead, choose a brand-new “lucky wallet” from the collection of McJim Classic Leather, which comes in colors seen as money magnets by feng shui specialists.

  • For instance, black wallets represent wealth and prosperity, ideal for individuals who aim for career advancement and success in business.
  • Meanwhile, brown wallets are perfect for those who wish to increase their savings, or quit the habit of unnecessary spending or impulse buying.
  • Green wallets help increase moneymaking opportunities, as green represents growth and life.
  • Whatever color your McJim lucky wallet will come in, note that McJim Classic Leather wallets have many compartments, helping you organize your bills, coins, and cards neatly—another Feng Shui tip for attracting good wealth.
  • After purchasing your McJim lucky wallet, feng shui masters suggest keeping it tidy and free from clutter, making room for positive energy to flow. Immediately discard old receipts, credit card bills, candy wrappers, and expired membership cards since these represent debt and expenses.

Instead, always keep your McJim lucky wallet filled with money, to symbolize abundance.

  • Treat your McJim lucky wallet well and expect it to do the same for you. Secure your wallet in a special place in your home and leave it there when not in use, so it will feel treasured. Feng shui masters claim this results in the wallet attracting more wealth into your life.
  • Avoid tossing your wallet anywhere you find convenient, or placing it on the floor, especially in the bathroom.
  • Finally, neatly sort out the paper bills and coins in your McJim lucky wallet. Make sure that all notes are arranged in an upright position to positively influence you, your wallet, and your money.

For a wealthy and prosperous 2017, buy a lucky wallet made by McJim Classic Leather and follow the abovementioned feng shui tips for taking care of it.

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