ARC Refreshments Corporation highlights Benefits of Community Gardening

In today’s digital age, not to mention the ongoing pandemic, human connection is crucial now more than ever. One great way to maintain that connection mid-coronavirus is through community gardening.

Community gardening is the sharing of a plot of land to cultivate crops by a group of people. You can find this in a neighborhood; sometimes, businesses set up a garden for their employees to utilize. With proper health protocols being observed, community gardening is good for your body, mind, and soul.

Improves Health

A daily dose of sunshine, being active, and taking care of plants are known to relieve stress, thus improving your health. Whenever you have a bad day, doing some gardening activities will help relieve your stress and relax your brain. And, while gardening in itself is enough to boost your health, doing it with others makes it a lot more enjoyable.

Nutritious Food

By growing your own food, you’ll be inclined to add more vegetables and fruits into your diet. But you know what’s even better than eating healthier and fresher food? It’s knowing that your friends are getting the same nutrition as you, too! After all, a healthy community is a happy community.


When you’re living in the city, you will find that crops are way too expensive. But since getting your ingredients from your community’s garden is virtually free, having large savings left in your budget shouldn’t be a surprise at all.

Connects People

A shared garden helps you connect with your neighbors. By cultivating your crops together, you will develop a sense of belonging and community spirit. This will create trust and a meaningful relationship with your neighbors. So, whether sustainable horticulture is a hobby, or a way of life for you, gardening with friends is always a good idea.

As it happens, sharing a communal garden is easy to achieve even when you live an urban life; keeping your garden sustainable is just as easy to boot. Currently, there are numerous organizations educating Filipinos on how to be more sustainable in our everyday life. One of them is ARC Refreshments Corporation’s “Grow as One” campaign, which demonstrates the company’s resiliency amidst the new normal.

Through this campaign, ARC Refreshments Corporation’s employee-led project called “My Gulay Garden” was born. It advocates for the use of recycled RC Cola PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles in our community garden. This way, you will enjoy the fruits (and vegetables) of your labor – in peace with mother nature.

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