Apl.de.ap: “LIGHT IT FOR ME” shows the world that Asia is in the game

Born and bred in Singapore, THELIONCITYBOY is a rare talent with that invincible musical passion that is fundamental for survival in a place known more for being an economic miracle than a cradle for poetic souls.

THELIONCITYBOY aka Kevin Lester threw caution to the wind when he left a successful career in financial marketing and chose to go full time with music. Growing up in a city with such diverse cultures, TLCB builds into his emotionally charged lyrics the complexity of life and uses a mix of languages unique to a multi-racial society like Singapore’s. He blends the inspiration from experiences to the grooves of Hip Hop, R&B and Punk Rock, all musical influences from his growing up years.

After Apl.de.ap and Kevin met in mid 2014, BMBX decided to work with TLCB on new music together. TLCB was sent on a creative journey. Immersed in a recording studio in Los Angeles, TLCB listened to countless demos, and one by Marc E. Bassy stood out. TLCB injected his personal vision into the song and pitched it back to Marc. Thereupon, LIGHT IT FOR ME, as you hear it now, was born.

LIGHT IT FOR ME is testimony to the amazing creative collaboration across oceans and cultures that has become the signature of a BMBX release. We asked TLCB what he thought of the track.

“Marc E. Bassy wrote the demo with TYLERxCORDY. It was one of the few tracks that Tyler sent over. But there was one that got my attention immediately. Flightsch and I made some changes to the chorus that Marc initially sang and pitched it to him… Thankfully he appreciated our vision! The rest is on the final version and I’m stoked to release it.” 

Apl.de.ap, founder of BMBX Entertainment, has this to say about TLCB and LIGHT IT FOR ME:

“LIGHT IT FOR ME by THELIONCITYBOY featuring Marc E. Bassy moves me. Kevin has a groove full of soul and this song shows it off. I’m happy to say I’m blown away. My friends in LA too. They can’t believe LIFM is coming from Singapore/Southeast Asia. It’s totally unexpected and exciting because good music is happening everywhere and LIFM shows the world that Asia is in the game.” 

LIGHT IT FOR ME will be available on all digital platforms globally, including iTunes, Spotify and Google Play, from Friday, 7 August 2015.

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