Anna’s Anchor Reveal ‘Summer Camp’: Irish emo-indie act unveils new video single

Irish emo-indie act Anna’s Anchor have released the second track in their double single hit. Following on from ‘You Are A Lighthouse’ earlier this month, new track ‘Summer Camp’ also has an accompanying video which can be seen here. Serving as a bridge between debut LP ‘Nautical Miles’ and the future follow-up, Marty Ryan, the man behind the project, comments on the song: “It bridges the gap where I’ve come from with the debut album, and the direction I’m trying to send Anna’s Anchor towards as I finish writing the second album. Summer Camp is largely different from anything I’ve done before in the sense that it has much more of a pop edge to it, hookier chorus but on top of this, much more noodlier guitars with a couple of different time signatures. It’s quite an upbeat, fun summer song but as with anything Anna’s Anchor related, there are sad disguised lyrics in there. It is about realising as the mid-twenties set in, the fun summer times rarely happen, but when they do, you really have to make the most of it, as life will really get you down otherwise”

The video itself is a tongue-in-cheek look at the cliched band video, shot by Shane Serrano on a hi 8 tape camera to deliver an intentionally amateur effect. Ryan comments: “I’ve always personally found it hilarious how the typical band video is like “Look at us, we’re cool, we’re playing in a forest!” Why would a band play in a forest? There is no electricity, or audience, it’s ridiculous. So the video is poking fun at that notion and if you haven’t seen an Anna’s Anchor video before, there’s always an element of sillyness with the locations and so we merged those two ideas, especially since it’s ultimately such a fun feeling tune.”

Having recently completed a run of Irish dates supporting Ducking Punches, Anna’s Anchor have been freshly announced as playing the renowned Fest in Gainesville this October, alongside several already announced European dates:

  • 03/06/17 – Stara Pekarna – Brno (CZ)
  • 04/06/17 – Cafe Potrva, Hradcanska – Prague (CZ)
  • 07/07/17 – Brewery Corner – Kilkenny (IRL)
  • 29/07/17 – Workman’s Club (Vintage Room) – Dublin (IRL)
  • 04/08/17 – McHugh’s Basement – Belfast (UK)
  • 28/10/17 – Fest, Gainesville (USA)

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