‘ANAY BA? I-SOLIGNUM NA!’ Keep your homes termite-free with JDI’s Total Termite Solution

Termites may be small in size, but these little pests can cause some big and serious damages to your home. That’s why it is important to think ahead and make sure that your precious abode is protected from the hazards of termite infestation, which could ruin its structural integrity. Worse, termites can damage not only wood but also your prized possessions like clothes, money bills, important documents, and even electrical wirings—which can even cause fire.

So to foster a happier, safer, and more secure home environment, it’s important to have regular and rigorous inspection of your homes to detect early signs of termite infestation. Prevent termite infestation in your house with Jardine Distribution, Inc.’s (JDI) Total Termite Solution.

To protect your prized wooden furniture and other wooden structures against termites, the tried, tested, and trusted Solignum is your best ally. Aside from working against termites, the Superbrand-recognized Solignum has insecticidal and fungicidal properties that can also work against fungi and woodborers.

And while wood preservation is a common step when dealing with termites, we must remember that termites come from soil, too. You may not know it, but termites might be destroying your house from under.

To prevent subterranean termites from entering your home, use Soilguard—an odorless water-based soil termiticide that creates a termite-lethal barrier that prevents termites from entering the structure. This easy-to-use and cost-efficient termite solution kills any termite it comes into contact with.

Stop these insidious little pests from invading your home with JDI’s Total Termite Solution—Solignum and Soilguard.

Jardine Distribution, Inc.’s line of Home Pest Solutions is available at leading supermarkets (Shopwise, Rustan’s, Wellcome) and DIY stores (Handyman, Ace, Citi, and Wilcon, among others) nationwide. For more information, go to www.jardinedistribution.com.

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