American Girl Tastes a Slice of Pinas Over Filipino Heritage Celebration

Greggy of PaintTheTownPink takes his white friend over a little look, or should I say taste, of his Filipino roots by bringing her to Pinoy-Pinay Filipino Restaurant, a “turo-turo” restaurant in West Covina, California.

In part of the Celebration of Filipino Heritage Month, the Pinoy food trip of the two began.

The first Pinoy dish they tried was the Kaldereta. The second is Lechon Kawali. Cara said she wasn’t expecting the crunch of the pork skin.

The next dish they tried was the Dinuguan, which Greggy hid by the name “chocolate meat stew” just to know if she will like it.

Though commenting it was like a poo, Cara said she liked it and it was like a savory chocolate.

They had Bicol Express, Kare-Kare with bagoong, Sinigang, and of course, Chicken Adobo.

For drinks they had melon juice and sago’t gulaman, which Cara said tasted like summer.

Cara’s favorite was Dinuguan and when she knew what it really was she puked later that day, thought that she had a swine flu, and became vegetarian.

Watch the video below.

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