Amaia Land releases its campaign for OFWs – “Uwi na Tayo sa Amaia”

With Christmas fast approaching, the deep affection Filipinos feel for their families and the warmth of their bonds permeate the air despite the lingering uncertainties brought about by the pandemic. With Yuletide carols playing on the radio, there is no stopping the surge of nostalgia as Christmas-happy Filipinos prepare for the forthcoming holidays with their family. Traditions that are usually observed include lively get-togethers—from small, intimate dinners to lavish reunions that gather scores of family members from near and far.

For most Filipinos, however, nothing portrays the precious sentiments of Christmas more poignantly than the homecoming of our modern-day heroes—the Overseas Filipino Workers. This is especially true now that the global health crisis often deters most travel plans.

Yet, ‘coming home’ may also mean ensuring a secure and comfortable home for the family you love. This is the joyful scenario that is depicted in Amaia Land’s newest video campaign, “Uwi na Tayo sa Amaia,” which tells the story of an OFW nurse working in Dubai. To show her love and support for her loved ones back home, she surprises them with balikbayan boxes, one of which contains a most wonderful life-changing gift: the key to a brand-new home at Amaia. Thrilled by the gift, the family proceeds to open the other boxes and excitedly discover that they are stuffed with items that they can use to decorate their new home.

Surely, for Amaia Land, there is no stopping our OFWs from providing a good life to their families in the Philippines. Gifting them with a warm and comfortable home in any of the country’s Amaia Land developments is giving them a safe haven in a thriving and wholesome community. And because home is where a loving family nurture each other, home is where our hard-working overseas workers look to settle in someday.

In the true spirit of Christmas, let Amaia Land, a leading residential property developer in the Philippines, send this gentle reminder to our cherished OFWs: “Uwi na Tayo sa Amaia.”

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