Alpha7, a Singapore Cloud Technology company, raises over US$5.2 million in private funding

Alpha7, a digital advisory company, launched its own proprietary solution A7 IoB® (A7 Internet of Business) in August 2017 and had received US$5.2 million in private funding to date. A7 IoB® help Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) get onto the digital train as a business digital management dashboard.

Alpha7’s mission is to evangelize to business owners, entrepreneurs and CXOs the value of digital and cloud technologies. Alpha7 promotes the use of these technologies to help businesses be more productive, grow and expand in APAC and beyond with A7 IoB®.

Introducing A7 IoB®

A7 IoB® is an intuitive digital dashboard that allows a business owner to view their business data in one place. It enables one to manage their business by providing clarity on the most crucial business data, which includes data from marketing, sales, operations, finance and HR. Enterprises can also leverage A7 IoB® to provide value-added services to their SME clients. Presently, there are more than 500 users online.

“We are privileged to be a partner of Alpha7, sharing a common mission of enabling our customers with innovative technology solutions… I highly recommend Alpha7 to any potential partner looking to form a community for like-minded businesses in the era of digital transformation.” Rick Koh, Managing Director, Consulting Research Services Pte Ltd

A7 IoB® is built to power small and growing businesses to take charge of their most crucial asset: business data and in turn, this allows businesses make smarter data-driven decisions.

This video explains how user friendly A7 IoB® can be — Business dashboards made easy:

“Every month, I used to spend days collating data and creating reports to monitor my business performance. With A7 IoB®, it just takes minutes!” Tan Biing Yih, a business owner on how the dashboard allows him to spend more time on the strategic aspects of his business.

Other Partnerships

Alpha7 is working with a Singapore business accelerator that is a joint venture between top Asian bank and a government-backed venture capitalist fund under the National Research Foundation of Singapore. The partnership helps SMEs on their digital transformation journey and has been involved in discussions with their SMEs on the program.

Alpha7 has also customised their A7 IoB® solution for a technology partner in Sweden and is now working on getting them up on exclusive terms to collaborate in Europe.

Alpha7 currently has customers in Singapore, Australia and Europe and is looking for investors to help fuel their future expansion plans into Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

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