All Roads Lead to Rome is the perfect Valentine’s Day rom-com

Sarah Jessica Parker is back on the big screen, doing what she does best — making moviegoers fall in love. The Sex and the City actress stars in the romantic comedy All Roads Lead to Rome, a funny romantic ride set in the lovely countryside of Tuscany.

Parker plays Maggie, a harried single mom and college professor from New York City who decides to haul her troubled teenage daughter Summer (Rosie Day of The Seasoning House) to a village in Italy where she spent her own childhood vacations. They bump into her handsome childhood flame, Luca (Raoul Bova of The Tourist and Under the Tuscan Sun), who still lives with his 80-year-old mother, Carmen.

Mayhem ensues as both Summer – who wants to go back to her bad-boy boyfriend in New York and Carmen—who wants to get married to the love of her life, escape to Rome in Luca’s convertible. This forces Luca and Maggie into awkward situations that could lead to a rekindling of their childhood romance.
All Roads Lead to Rome is directed by Ella Lemhagen and written by Cindy Myers and Josh Appignanesi. It is produced by Andrea Iervolino (‘The Merchant of Venice’, ‘Like the Wind’, ‘Gorbaciof’) and Lady Monika Bacardi (‘The Humbling’, ‘Hope Lost’, ‘Three Touches’) of AMBI Pictures, and Silvio Muraglia(‘Reclaim’, ‘Reasonable Doubt’, ‘Prayers for Bobby’) of Paradox Studios.

The rollicking rom-com, which was filmed for 6 weeks on location in Italy, is set to be released in Philippine theaters as a Valentine’s Day presentation by OctoArts Films International on February 10.

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