Ajinomoto aims to promote Filipino sport activities with newest brand aminoVITAL

  • aminoVITAL is Ajinomoto’s newest sports nutrition brand
  • It is introduced to the Philippine Market to meet increasing demand and consumer interest in sports nutrition and wellness
  • Ajinomoto aims to promote different sports activities and active lifestyle among Filipinos through the Sports Series

Following its help to the 30th Southeast Asian Games in the Philippines, Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation (APC) commenced its “aminoVITAL Sports Series” on Thursday, January 30th, 2020, at Pretty Huge Obstacles in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

With the help of aminoVITAL®, Ajinomoto intends to advance various games exercises and dynamic ways of life among Filipinos through the Sports Series which will feature endurance sports. Beginning with Obstacle Course Racing (OCR), the individuals from the Philippine National Obstacles Course Racing (OCR) Team, who gathered 10 medals (6 Gold, 3 Silver, 1 Bronze) at the 30th SEA Games, exhibited their aptitudes and qualities in a multi-stage sprint.

“OCR is a unique sports because you need to be good at everything. It requires you not to only hone your running skills, but to also test your endurance and discipline as you undergo high intensity training,” said Glorien Merisco. Despite the mental, emotional and physical demands of OCR, Merisco reminded that no one should feel intimated by it as she herself had no athletic background when she started.

OCR requires mental, emotional and physical fitness but Merisco assured that no one should feel intimated as she also started from nothing.

Amid her success in the 30th SEAG,Merisco continues to challenge herself to be better every day.

She said, “I personally like challenging myself to be better everyday…I may not be the strongest athlete, but I am one of those who work the hardest.”

aminoVITAL® is unified with the OCR people group in moving and urging individuals to come out from their customary ranges of familiarity and give them the push expected to truly make it excessively the next level.

APC administrators and officials drove by its President Tsutomu Nara respected the media visitors and social media influencers. The 30th SEA Games karate gold medalist Junna Tsukii, Will Devaughn and Christiana Dimaunahan additionally graced the occasion and shared how aminoVITAL® helped them recuperate from muscle breakdown and weakness that they generally experience in their line of sports. All members took aminoVITAL® before hitting the deterrent course guided by OCR mentors.

Perceiving the expanding request and purchaser enthusiasm for sports sustenance and wellbeing, Ajinomoto acquainted aminoVITAL® with the Philippine Market in November 2019. aminoVITAL® Sports Series is Ajinomoto’s support to advance health, nourishment, and dynamic ways of life for all parts of Filipino society.

“Proper nutrition and supplement are just as important as training and rest in sports as well as in cultivating an active lifestyle,” says Roann Co, Marketing Department Head of Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation.

“We want to be able to support our esteemed athletes to attain optimum performance and reach greater heights and for more Filipinos to stay active and be fit and healthy.”

aminoVITAL is Ajinomoto’s newest sports nutrition brand. It is a jelly-based drink that contains 3,000mg of amino acids, including BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acid). It helps reduce fatigue and muscle loss during high-intensity training and strenuous physical activity. aminoVITAL® is convenient and portable. Simply consume aminoVITAL® 30-minutes before any activity and allow yourself to reach heights of physical accomplishments.

aminoVITAL is now available on LazMart, an online store on LazMall, and selected Chris Sports branches at just PHP 100.00 per pack. For more information about Ajinomoto and its products, visit www.ajinomoto.com.ph and facebook.com/CookmunitybyAjinomotoPH.

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