Aiko Melendez Wows at 41

Being fit as ever, Aiko Melendez is ready to wow the world with her overflowing confidence and new perspective on life.

Stunning the world at 41, Aiko says that it’s never too late to redeem your youth and vibrancy through an active lifestyle, proper diet, and some help from a certified professional.

Contours Advanced Face and Body Sculpting

A beautiful creation by Contours Advanced Face and Body Sculpting Institute Medical Director Claudine, known as the country’s Vaser Liposcuplture expert, one can’t help but be stunned by Aiko’s astounding silhouette and amazing figure.

While it’s true that you can achieve your dream figure with proper diet and exercise, incorporating different treatments may also be of great help in achieving your dream body.

Vaser 4D Tummy Tuck

This treatment targets loose skin, muscles, and fat deposits near your tummy to ensure a fit silhouette with a more toned figure. In addition, not only does this treatment produce natural results, recovery from bruises and swelling only happens in a short span of time.

Vaser Lipo of Thighs and Arms

It is true that some parts of the body have a harder time melting fat than others. And it is also true that having a fit tummy while still having saggy arms and legs is not really ideal for the modern woman. In these situations, the Vaser Lipo treatment is safe solution and is worth considering. Not only does it heal quickly, but you can also see results in two to three months’ time.

Fat Transfer to Butt

You can also fill up places in your butt in the most safe and natural way. First, a liposuction is performed top the section of the body part that needs to reduce fat. It is then followed by washing and processing technique of the harvested fat to ensure survival of its tissues preparing for injection. As a result, you get a more firm butt in the safest way possible as it utilizes your own flesh.

Thermitight Skin Tightening for Lower Face and Neck

Achieve a glowing and more radiant skin with this minimally invasive treatment that targets specific tissues to delay signs of aging, removes double chin and improves the jawline. The procedure involves injecting RF to heat the dermis of the skin to tighten and stimulate collagen formation. Its result also leaves no scar with fast results.

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