Acrobatics Took a Step Higher as Velasco Brothers Heed David’s Advice, Watch Asia’s Got Talent Semi-Finals 1

On their Asia’s Got Talent audition, the Velasco Brothers from the Philippines, showed judges David Foster, Anggu, Vanness Wu and Melanie C some of their acrobatic moves and managed to go on to the next round. However, Foster asked them to step it up and put a story to their performance.

On the semi-finals 1 performance, Vanness commented that he might like to become a Velasco brother. Anggu said that it was not the “step up” that she was expecting since the steps are still the same.

Foster on the contrary said that the Velasco Brothers actually did step it up because they have followed his advice to put a story to it. With lights and colorful costumes added, the acrobats from the Philippines performed well for the semi-finals, b boy style!

Watch the video below.

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