ABS-CBN launches Isang Bayan Para Kay Pacman

In his 20-year career as a boxer, Manny Pacquiao fought for Filipinos and they have backed him up, cheering from the sidelines.

ABS-CBN launched the Isang Bayan Para Kay Pacman campaign this week as he nears the biggest fight of his career by far to encourage all Filipino supporters to let their strength as a people be felt. It is a call to action to stop from just cheering from the sidelines, to step up to the plate and rally behind the fighting pride of the country.

The movement aims to show the world that the People’s Champion never fights alone, that 100 million Filipinos give that vicious left hook and the brutal body blows the power to make mere men surrender.

The Kapamilya network, through this campaign, has called for the fists of the Filipinos to lend their strength one more time for the titanic battle ahead through various methods via the different social media platforms.

One such method is through the use of the official hashtag #OneForPacman on Twitter, Instagram Facebook. One tweet or post with the hashtag equates to one punch for the Filipino icon. Another is the “Punch Ng Bayan Para Kay Pacman” where one mimics the ring icon’s habit of pounding his fists together, twice, before lunging for a bone-breaking left straight or sneaky jab.

Another recourse would be to visit the website oneforpacman.abs-cbn.com and interact with the punch meter by clicking on the interactive punching bag which equates to one punch.

Isang Bayan Para Kay Pacman won’t be just about the punch meters as it also encourages the masses to relive the story of Emmanuel Dapidran Pacquiao before the fame, before the riches, as “Kid Kulafu,” the movie presented by ABS-CBN, Star Cinema, and Ten17 Productions and directed by Paul Soriano.

The Kapamilya network knows that cheering won’t be enough to support Manny in his greatest fight yet. It is time to stand up, step up to the plate and deliver.

It’s time to make whoever stares down Pacquiao realize that he is not up against one man, but 100 million Filipinos.

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